Spirit of Nature

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Spirit of Nature

The Spirit of Nature becomes available to a Lore-master at level 40. It is three levels higher than the Lore-master itself.

It was designed as a true healing pet, lacking auto-attacks (and therefore having no flanks from auto-attacks). One of its skills grants a flank event, though. Another skill puts a debuff on the target that reflects a small percentage of damage one deals as morale, much like a weaker version of a Captain's Revealing Mark. This can be kept up fifty percent of the time, granted it not resisted. The last skill of the Spirit of Nature is an AoE heal. Enemies in the vicinity of the Spirit of Nature will suffer a miss chance debuff. The pet can be useful in situations where much common damage is taken, especially if many people get hit.

The Spirit of Nature has no flank rate at all. Instead, it has a skill that forces a flank event.


Spirit of Nature Skill Bar.jpg

The last three skills on the Spirit of Nature's Skill Bar are:

  1. Flashing Flank: Guaranteed flank event
  2. Nature's Light: Reflects a small percentage of damage you deal to the target as morale
  3. Nature's Gift: Heals ten percent of one's maximum morale to nearby fellowship members


The trait Noble Savage enhances the Lore-master's companion by improving its morale, power, attack speed, damage, critical chance, block, parry and evade chance, stealth and stealth detection, as well as granting it immunity to knockbacks.


This pet does not have any auto-attacks and is thus the only pet that cannot activate Flanked! or Harried! on an enemy target. It does not cause any other special effects either.

Pet Food

A Spirit of Nature cannot eat. There is thus no food to make it stronger.

Ranged Item

A Lore-master can equip a brooch in their ranged slot that grants their pet one of the following:

  • Up to 656 critical rating, 1156 morale and 997 power;
  • Up to 630 in-combat morale regeneration, 8000 evade rating, 1156 morale and 997 power.


A Lore-master has the ability to learn skills that change the appearance of their pet by consuming talismans. These talismans are crafted by Jewellers or can be purchased at the LOTRO Store.

More pictures are found in the lotro.com thread New Spirit Talisman.

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