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Type: Goblin Camp
Region: Moria
Area: The Great Delving
Location: [7.8S, 114.4W]


Snaga-maudhûl is a goblin camp in the Great Delving of Moria. [7.8S, 114.4W]

The camp borders the road between Durin's Threshold and the deeper dwarf encampments, threatening the source of much needed supplies.




The following creatures are found within these borders:


Travelling east from Durin's Threshold, the path quickly transforms into loose gravel and rough stone. Dwarf-bridges straddle bogglingly deep pits in the earth amid the cobwebs and stalagmites, leading to a forgotten cluster of buildings. Clefts in the rock reveal raw, uncut crystals glowing purple among the dust and rocks. Gruesome candelabras made of wax and skulls reveal the palisades at the edge of a Goblin camp — and banners bearing the mark of the White Hand.
They call it Snaga-maudhûl.
This camp is home to strangely white Goblins who — despite their proximity to the edge of Khazad-dûm and perhaps stymied by the Dwarf doors of the West-gate for generations — have never seen the light of the sun. This small outpost persists even after bold heroes and explorers have already borne the flags of the Free Peoples into deeper halls beyond, showing just how tenacious even such weak-willed and superstitious Goblins can be. The battle to retake Moria is waged in aching increments.
Amid this camp's Goblins, armored and mean, are messengers brave enough to carry word to other Goblin camps in the distant corners of Moria. Their hides are weathered and rough, implying that they may even have ventured out from beneath the mountain to deliver reports to, or fetch instructions from, the Enemy's far-off lieutenants. Some bear writs marked with the seal of Isengard.
This camp is a grim omen of Moria's possible fate. Something is pushing the varied tribes of Moria Orcs and Goblins together. "The voice commands," hiss the Goblins, "and we obey!"[1]