Skirmish Campaigns

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Introduced with the Rise of Isengard expansion, skirmish campaigns were clusters of skirmishes that had a common theme. In addition to the usual skirmish loot, each skirmish had the chance to drop a campaign mark and teal campaign gear. When level 75 was the level cap, skirmishes dropped best in slot gear. Level capped players used to group up to complete the weekly raid skirmish quest that allowed them to loot a Fancy Wood Chest. The chest contained one Fused Deep Relic, one to three Cryptic Heritage Runes of Lore, two items of incomparable quality (see the table below), and possibly a Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor.

Although everything that referred to skirmish campaigns has been removed from the game, there are indications that skirmish campaigns are still used in loot tables that determine the distribution of random loot from skirmishes. For current loot from skirmishes, see Skirmish Rewards. What follows below is an account of now obsolete loot.

Campaigns, skirmishes and rewards

Seven different campaigns existed, each consisting of 1-3 skirmishes. Note that nowadays, the campaigns don't exist anymore and the unique loot and marks can no longer be acquired, but the skirmishes themselves are still available. The unique loot was originally available as level 75 gear; later, a level 85 version was added.

Campaign Skirmishes Mark Unique rewards
Adlan Thievery and Mischief
Defence of the Prancing Pony
Barrow-downs Survival
Adlan Campaign Mark-icon.png Adlan Campaign Mark Gauntlets of the Fearless, Knight's Platinum Stud, Diamond-flecked Wristlet, Careworn Earring, Shadowstalker's Stud, Leg-guards of Ceaseless War, Creoth Sacrificial Blade, Survivor's Jacket
Cannuilan Breaching the Necromancer's Gate
Assault on the Ringwraiths' Lair
The Battle in the Tower
Cannuilan Campaign Mark-icon.png Cannuilan Campaign Mark Western Seas Navigation Chart, Necklace of the Gentle Healer, Leg-guards of Forgotten Valour, Helm of Lost Hoards, Siegebreaker's Band, Bracer of the Huntsman, Bronze-banded Hawk's Talon, Daring Skullcap, Drakesplitter
Enguilan Battle of the Twenty-first Hall
Battle of the Deep-way
Battle of the Way of Smiths
Enguilan Campaign Mark-icon.png Enguilan Campaign Mark Mantle of the Beneficent, Iron Guardian Manacle, Helm of Parted Clouds, The Brown Wizard's Band, Earring of the Defiant, Elven Reflection Cloak, Wood-Bound Boots, Tourney Winner's Chestplate, Over-sized Hill Giant's Ring, Easterling's War Bracelet, Ring of Conflict Resolution, Maia-Touched Band, Stone-breaker's Gauntlets, Earring of the Mathom-tender, Bangle of Echoing Battle, Dirge-Writer, Thrice-mended Shirt
Eruilan Trouble in Tuckborough
Siege of Gondamon
Stand at Amon Sûl
Eruilan Campaign Mark-icon.png Eruilan Campaign Mark The Brown Wizard's Band, Hat of the Woundcloser, Cape of Discipline, Shoulder-guards of the Keen Eye, Greaves of Growing Light, Shield of Shattered Manacles, Shield of Endless Heroics, Wristband of the Footpad, Earring of Wrath Unleashed
Lefnuilan Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu Lefnuilan Campaign Mark-icon.png Lefnuilan Campaign Mark Cloak of the Tethered Scribe, Boots of the Mountain Lord, Warchaser's Chestguard, Shield of the Long Darkness, Mantle of the Guiding Star, Warchaser's Chestguard, Ring of Uncommon Heroism, Band of Intuition
Naillan The Ford of Bruinen
Strike Against Dannenglor
Protectors of Thangúlhad
Naillan Campaign Mark-icon.png Naillan Campaign Mark Mantle of the Beneficent, Sacred Earring of the Trev Gallorg, Iron Guardian Manacle, Helm of Parted Clouds, Earring of the Defiant, Elven Reflection Cloak, Wood-Bound Boots, Easterling's War Bracelet, Ring of Conflict Resolution
Odothuilan Attack at Dawn
The Icy Crevasse
Odothuilan Campaign Mark-icon.png Odothuilan Campaign Mark Band of the Codex Archivist, Heartlifter's Gloves, Inherited Shire War Boots, Shoulder-guards of the Eastern Wind, Rivendell Battle Helm, Leg-guards of Untainted Victory, Unassailable Chestguard, Dwarf-Silver Flask, Shoes of the Omen Speaker

NB In order to allow for mousing over to see the item tooltips, the table above contains the level 75 versions of the unique loot. A link to the level 85 equivalent can be found on the individual item pages.