Shocking Touch

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Shocking Touch-icon.png
 Shocking Touch
  • 2.5m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Resistance: Tactical
  • Briefly dazes a foe.
  • ... Lightning Damage
  • Mounted Combat Enemies: Daze replaced with a debuff that reduces damage against dismounted players.
  • 5s Daze
  • 100% break chance on damage after 1s
  • Cost: (Level × 1.5) Power
  • Attunes: 3 Steady Attunement-icon.png
  • Cooldown: 20s

General Information

Class: Rune-keeper

Level: 8

Trait Information

This trait Confounding Principles in the Solitary Thunder trait tree increases the damage and daze duration of this skill.


Using this skill causes Dazed to occur on an enemy target.

Tactical Information

After using this skill, there is an animation/skill delay.