Sawlo Puddifoot

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Sawlo Puddifoot
Image of Sawlo Puddifoot
Title Games-master
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area The Hill
Settlement The Party Tree
Map Ref [30.0S, 71.6W]


Sawlo Puddifoot is the Games-master for 'Bobbing for Apples' at The Party Tree in The Shire during the Harvest Festival. Apples are in apple tubs near him; one apple per hour can be picked, once picked, you get the following effect Apple Bobbing.


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Fall Festival Token-icon.png Fall Festival Token Festival Apple-icon.png Small Apple
Fall Festival Token-icon.png 2 Fall Festival Tokens Festival Apple-icon.png Medium Apple
Fall Festival Token-icon.png 3 Fall Festival Tokens Festival Apple-icon.png Large Apple
Pumpkin Festival Mask-icon.png Pumpkin Festival Mask Mask Token-icon.png Hobbit Mask Token Fall Festival Token-icon.png 12 Fall Festival Tokens