Sâd Thareg

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Sâd Thareg
Type: Woods
Region: Eregion
Area: Glâd Ereg
Location: [43.0S, 16.0W]
Sâd Thareg.jpg


Sâd Thareg is a landmark found within Glâd Ereg in Eregion. [43.0S, 16.6W]

Directly south of the elven ruins of Gwingris is this dense forest. At the center of the forest is the entrance to the overgrown cave of Tawarond. A large number of wood trolls have invaded both the forest and the cave and have begun twisting and corrupting the once peaceful creatures of nature that inhabit the area. These trolls, in addition to the careless woodcutting of the Dunelendings in the camp to the east, has made the forest a hostile place to traverse.





The following creatures are found within this area:


An interesting tree within the thicket The eastern entrance into the woods of Sâd Thareg The clearing where the entrance to Tawarond