Quest:Woses are Wed

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Woses are Wed
Level 101
Type Solo
Starts with Ôk-weni-Dhûr
Starts at Drû Bhûta
Start Region Taur Drúadan
Map Ref [52.8S, 26.7W]
Quest Chain Far Anórien: Taur Drúadan
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You laugh with us Drúedain. Good heart, a bright sun. Now learn of us. My son Êkh-buri-Dhûr, is to wed Gnô-maka-Ghûr in moment. It is sacred ceremony where father not allowed to go. Tradition is father sends best friend to ceremony. I send you to watch the young Drúedain on great day.'

You will need to bring a fishing pole with you in order to participate in the wedding.


Ôk-weni-Dhûr, a friendly Wose, wants you to help celebrate his son's marriage.

Objective 1

Êkh-buri-Dhûr and Gnô-maka-Ghûr are in Drû Bhûta.

You should speak with Êkh-buri-Dhûr and Gnô-maka-Ghûr before the wedding ceremony begins.

Êkh-buri-Dhûr: 'Ôk-weni-Dhûr, my father send you? Good! This will be great day for all. You must partake in ceremony.
'When ceremony start, must do three things. I will tell you what to do during ceremony.'
Êkh-buri-Dhûr seems confident that you will be able to perform these long standing Wose traditions
Gnô-maka-Ghûr: Gnô-maka-Ghûr, through hand gestures, motions that she is very glad to have you here in Drû Bhûta today.

Objective 2

  • Pick up smooth river pebbles (0/5)

The sacred wedding pebbles can be found in Drû Bhûta.

Êkh-buri-Dhûr asks you to hold the sacred wedding pebbles.

Picked up pebble (5/5)

Objective 3

  • Catch a fish worthy of this union

Fish can be caught from the Drúnen River in Drû Bhûta.

Êkh-buri-Dhûr asks you to catch the sacred wedding fish.

Caught a mighty Drúnen Trout, a symbol of the enduring Woses!

Objective 4

  • Tickle the goat

The wedding goat can be found in Drû Bhûta.

Êkh-buri-Dhûr asks you to tickle the sacred wedding goat.

Êkh-buri-Dhûr: 'Last, you must tickle the sacred goat.'
The goat looks confused and the Woses laugh

Objctive 5

  • Congratulate Êkh-buri-Dhûr
  • Congratulate Gnô-maka-Ghûr

Êkh-buri-Dhûr and Gnô-maka-Ghûr are in Drû Bhûta.

You should speak with the newly wed couple.

Êkh-buri-Dhûr: 'We are now wed. A couple until the last sun sets below the mountains.
You congratulate Êkh-buri-Dhûr.
'Kindness in you stretches the valley. The stones you hold are the great stories of the Drûedain, past and future. The fish you catch is the one that lives in the quick current of life. The goat you tickle is funny. Marriage should have laughing, as should ceremony!'
While you have never participated in such a ritual before, you feel honored.
Gnô-maka-Ghûr: You congratulate Gnô-maka-Ghûr.
Gnô-maka-Ghûr uses hand gestures to express her joy to you and to the bright future that will surely come to the Woses.

Objective 6

Ôk-weni-Dhûr is in Drû Bhûta.

You should speak with Ôk-weni-Dhûr.

Ôk-weni-Dhûr: : You congratulate Ôk-weni-Dhûr on his son's very recent marriage.
'Very kind. I hear my son and his wife happy now. Ceremony, like Dhûrghud, stands for all time. Now you know of our traditions, our culture. This good story for you.'