Quest:Under a Wicked Crown

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Under a Wicked Crown
Level 109
Type Solo
Starts with Spakorth
Starts at Outside Lûghash
Start Region Dor Amarth
Map Ref [45.1S, 16.3E]
Ends with Auto Complete
Ends at Zôreth's Chamber
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

At my request, Gimli has offered to escort me to Zôreth's chambers in the heights of the Spire.

'We shall force Váskmun to hear my counsel, even if he heeds not a single word of it. Indeed, the Stout-axes may still be free of the tyrants of Mordor, but Váskmun has become one of them, whether he believes it or not.

'I trust Gimli's axe shall keep me from harm, but I would ask that you seek Sversting, Dréri, Náth, and Freki as we storm the Spire. If they have not already realized the King's folly, I would have you convince them to abandon the search for the dwarf-rings and seek refuge among Durin's Folk as Gimli has proposed.

As for Eitur... he may stand in our way, but he is a dwarf of words and little else! He has always sought to please those in power, and I think his loyalty now as false as it has ever been. If he stands in the way of the King, he must be defeated or exposed as the coward he is!


After King Greytooth seized control of the Flaming Spire, Spakorth fears what may have become of his brethren in the Oath-taker's Horn.

Objective 1

  • Find Sversting

Sversting can likely be found about the forges on the lowest level of the Oath-taker's Horn.

Spakorth has asked you to seek his brethren with the Oath-taker's Horn. Since you are entering at the lowest level of the Spire, you should first seek Sversting and see if he might be convinced to abandon Váskmun Greytooth's quest for the dwarf-rings.

TOOLS OF 'PERSUASION' "A rack of newly-forged and remarkably cruel tools to be used by the Firehorn dwarves to extract information from the Order of the Eye regarding the lost Dwarf-rings."
Master-smith Sversting says, 'I am sorry, <name>, but my duty is to my King...'
Master-smith Sversting says, 'I fight you to the death, <name>. Do what you must!'
Your mighty blow defeated Master-smith Sversting.

: Regrettably, Sversting could not be turned from his loyalty to King Greytooth...

Objective 2

  • Find Dréri
  • Find Náth
  • Find Freki

Dréri, Náth, and Freki can likely be found on the central level of the Oath-taker's Horn amidst the Firehorn barracks.

Sversting proved fiercely loyal to King Greytooth's quest and fought you valiantly. You should now seek Dréri, Náth, and Freki in the Firehorn barracks above.

Náth: 'Firehorns? Bah! These dwarves are no kin of mine!
'Say what you will of her -- at least Zôreth never chained us to the doors! [Dwarf: What sort of dwarf treats his own kin so thoughtlessly? Neither of us, I would think!]
'You and Gimli have seen much beyond these lands, and if this is what my home has now become, I should like to follow wherever you go and leave this land behind.
'It is good to be out of these chains, my friend, but I cannot leave yet! [Dwarf: That is what one of these dwarves would do!]
'For the honour of my family and my fallen kin, I shall gather what remains of the Stout-axes and find them a place of rest in the low hills of Dor Amarth.'
Náth says, 'What has become of my folk? These Firehorns are no kin of mine!'
Dréri: 'It was not supposed to be like this...
'Those who would not follow Váskmun were slain by Eitur and the others, and now all I have are these stones by which to remember them.
'What have we done? Where is the honour among my people? Whether Manthrif holds any power or not, it has brought greater ruin upon our people than even Sauron could have devised.
'Gimli spoke true, but the truth came to late to save my kin. . .'
Dréri says, 'I shall join Gimli's folk, but first I must mourn my own...'
Tragically, Freki appears to have been slain by his own kin...

Objective 3

  • Confront Eitur

Eitur can likely be found in Zôreth's chambers on the highest level of the Oath-taker's Horn.

You have found all of Spakorth's brethren except for Eitur. You should now seek him and defeat him if need be.

MITHRIL-WROUGHT LOCKBOX "A mithril-wrought lockbox meant to house one of the Dwarf-rings."
Examining ...
Steward Eitur says, 'Come back to steal the King's mithril, have you? I think not!'
Steward Eitur says, 'Váskmun should have killed you! I told him not to let you go free!'
Steward Eitur says, 'You're too late! the King leads his army across Dor Amrath even now!'
Your mighty blow defeated Steward Eitur.
Ever the lickspittle, Eitur's eagerness to forsake his allegiances brought him to a sorry end.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Spakorth in the Oath-taker's Horn

Spakorth can be found in the doorway to Zôreth's chambers alongside Gimli. You have found all of Spakorth's brethren, but unfortunately Sversting and Eitur proved unwilling to abandon their King's quest. You should now speak to Spakorth in the Oath-breaker's Horn.

Spakorth: 'What should have been a time of joy for my people has instead become a time of great sorrow...
'Sversting was a fine dwarf, and I am saddened that he could not be made to see the madness of his King. As for Eitur, he was just as swift to seek Zôreth's favour. He was naught but a lickspittle no matter his master! Such behaviour does not befit any proud dwarf!
'Aside from Náth and Dréri, I saw only a handful of my people leave the Spire for the western ruins. Poor Freki should have been among them, but Váskmun's petty Firehorns raised their axes against him. He has put his own foolish greed before the needs of his folk, and I shall never forgive him for that!
'Even so, I must speak to him at once! Where is he?'