Quest:Thwarting Spying Eyes

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Thwarting Spying Eyes
Level 102
Type Solo
Starts with Herefara
Starts at War-stead of the Helmingas
Start Region Taur Drúadan
Map Ref [45.2S, 31.1W]
Quest Chain Far Anórien: Taur Drúadan
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, <name>, I have not seen you since we fought together at Brockbridge. Your arrival is unexpected, but most welcome. Are you aware of our current troubles?

'Orc spies have been spotted in the woods, not far from here. They are searching for us, that is certain. I have a task for you. Defeat these spying Orcs so that we Rohirrim can remain hidden. Return as soon as you can as there is much that needs doing and I need all the help I can get.'


Herefara needs assistance in defeating the Orc spies that lurk in the nearby woods of Taur Drúadan.

Objective 1

Spying Orcs can be found in the woods of Taur Drúadan.

You should defeat Mordor spies.

Defeated a Mordor spy (10/10)

Objective 2

Herefara can be found in the War-stead of the Helmingas.

You should speak with Herefara.

Herefara: 'Your assistance is appreciated, as always. Hopefully, you have given us the extra time we need before we mobilize.'