Quest:Thunder in the Deeps

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Thunder in the Deeps
Level 74
Type Solo
Starts with Ondor
Starts at Pit of Iron
Start Region Pit of Iron
Map Ref [50.4N, 92.7W]
Quest Group Gap of Rohan: Heathfells
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'There you are! Now, listen closely...I don't know exactly what evil they've cooked up this time, or how they did it, but these goblins are using some kind of strange black powder to aid their mining. When it catches fire, the stuff explodes, shattering rock into rubble -- and you, too, if you are standing too close.

'They store the powder in barrels, which I've seen mostly near the smelters. If you can sneak up and set fire to those barrels, you will likely catch the lot of them in the blast.'


The goblins in the Orc-mines make use of a form of black fire to blast through the stone of the mine.

Objective 1

Barrels of the goblins' black fire can be found near the smelters in the Orc-mines.

Ondor asked you to burn the goblins' explosive black powder.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Ondor the Dwarf in the Orc-mines

Ondor the Dwarf is in the Orc-mines.

You should return to Ondor with news of your success.

Ondor: 'Ha, well done! I could hear the blasts from here.
'That will teach the goblins to play with dangerous toys...and slow down their mining efforts here for a while.'