Quest:The Wisdom of Zôreth

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The Wisdom of Zôreth
Level 109
Type Solo
Starts with Gimli
Starts at Zôreth's Chamber
Ends with Spakorth
Ends at Zôreth's Chamber
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

We are too late, <name>. I wish it had not come to this....'

Gimli sighs sorrowfully.

'These were fine dwarves, like those of our peoples, and they did not deserve such a sorry fate. Even after his downfall, Sauron has brought his ruin upon our folk - distant as they were to our peoples. The Ring twisted Váskmun's mind, and now his people share his obsession with wielding its power. Whatever remains of it, that is...

'Where now has Váskmun led them? To ruin, surely, but where in this blasted land does he now search for the Dwarf-ring?

Wait a moment! Zôreth kept many notes in her own search for the Rings, didn't she? We are here in her old chambers, so let us search for them. With all that has happened, I should say they'll be of more use to us!'


After defeating the Firehorns within the Oath-taker's Horn, Gimli and Spakorth now hope to discover where King Greytooth has led his folk in search of the Dwarf-ring, Manthríf.

Objective 1

  • Gather pages of research in Zôreth's chambers (0/4)

Zôreth's chambers can be found upon the highest level of the Oath-taker's Horn.

Gimli has asked you to seek out Zôreth's research in Her chambers of old in the hope that it might lead you to King Greytooth and the Firehorns.

This page speaks of a vault within the depths of the Black Pits of Mordath...
This page lists the names of the seven Dwarf-rings, but four are marked with unsettling notes...
This page makes reference to a passage within Barad-dûr that leads into the Mordath...
This page makes note of the key King Greytooth bore during his imprisonment...

Objective 2

  • Deliver Zôreth's resarch to Spakorth in the Oath-taker's Horn

Spakorth can be found in Zôreth's chambers within the Oath-taker's Horn.

You have found much of Zôreth's research into the locations of Sauron's artifacts. You should deliver the pages you recovered to Spakorth.

'What have you learned? I beg you -- let me see those pages!'
You offer the pages of Zôreth's researchg to Spakorth, and he reads for a time. Upon reaching the notes about the terible creatures beneath Barad-dûr , he pauses a moment. What at last he comes to the names of the four rings that bear Zôreth's marks, he seems at once stunned.
'What is this?!'