Quest:The Troll-keeper

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The Troll-keeper
Level 28
Type Fellowship
Starts with Landscape Quest
Starts at Etten Caves
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [16.6S, 42.1W]
Ends with Thaliollang
Ends at Lin Giliath
End Region The North Downs
Map Ref [13.7S, 44.9W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You have discovered the Etten Caves at Taur Gonwaith. Whatever has stirred the trolls surely hides within these vast caverns.

Note: A fellowship is recommended for this quest.


Something evil has stirred the Stone-trolls, rousing them to wreak havoc upon the fair glades of Meluinen.

Objective 1

Angmar's emissary must reside deep within the cave in Taur Gonwaith, south-east of Lin Giliath.

You should defeat the emissary of Angmar that has gained the allegiance of the Stone-trolls.

Objective 2

Thaliollang is at Lin Giliath, north-west of Taur Gonwaith.

Thaliollang will be pleased to know that he was correct in his belief: there was an emissary of Angmar among the trolls. To benefit of all, you have defeated him.

Thaliollang: 'You have earned more thanks than I have to give, <name>, for defeating the troll-keeper of Angmar.
'Lachenn would have been pleased to know you. I name you Elf-friend and will not forget what you have done here, <name>. I expect the Stone-trolls are not likely to forget either. Lin Giliath may have peace for a time.'