Quest:The Tale of Théodwyne Sternbrow

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The Tale of Théodwyne Sternbrow
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Léothred
Starts at Framsburg
Start Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [30.4N, 60.4W]
Ends with Léothred
Ends at Hlithseld
End Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [30.5N, 59.2W]
Quest Chain Wells of Langflood: Misthallow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'All hope for the Éothéod rested now on the shoulders of Théodwyne Sternbrow. There are few stories of Théodwyne, but the ones that do exist are powerful tales. She was the first, and to my knowledge the only, woman to rule the Éothéod. It is safe to surmise that Théodwyne did not have the support of all the thanes. Let us see what we can find at Framsburg to piece together this tale.'


Léothred, the Rohirric scholar, seeks to learn more of his people history in Misthallow.

Objective 1

  • Learn the history of the Rohirrim with Léothred

Framsburg can be found in Misthallow.

You should learn the history of the Rohirrim with Léothred.

Léothred says, "Numerous attempts were made either to depose Théodwyne Sternbrow or, failing that, to wed her."
Éothéod says, "I have not come to kill you! I have come to wed you, my love!"
Théodwyne Sternbrow says, "Begone with you!"

Objective 2

  • Continue learning the history of the Rohirrim with Léothred
Léothred says, "Théodwyne did take a husband in time, and soon after bore a son, Frúma."

Objective 3

  • Further learn the history of the Rohirrim with Léothred
Léothred says, "Frúma became lord at sixteen, though he shared power with his mother for nearly twenty years, until her death."

Objective 4

Léothred: 'Frúma died while hunting in the Misty Mountains. His broken body was found frozen at the floor of a ravine several months after his death. Some said he was killed by a giant, others said that he fell in a winter storm.'

Objective 5

  • Learn the history of the Rohirrim with Léothred

Objective 6

  • Talk to Léothred elsewhere at Framsburg
Léothred: 'Frúma's son Cendric succeeded him while he was still young. Cendric the Worthy proved an exceptional lord, both a mighty warrior and a noble ruler, and was also blessed with a lengthy reign of peace and plenty. When he died at age seventy-nine, having ruled for fifty-seven years, the Eothéod were more prosperous than ever before. Their numbers were beginning to grow too great for the Wells to support.'

Objective 7

  • Learn the history of the Rohirrim with Léothred
Cendric the Worthy says, "My people will go far."

Objective 8

Hlithseld is located in the north of Misthallow.

You should travel to Hlithseld and rest.

Objective 10

  • Talk to Léothred at Hlithseld
Léothred: 'The legacy of Théodwyne Sternbrow was a seed planted, and that seed came to bear fruit near the end of Cendric's rule. There, Cendric let it be known that the Éothéod had need of broader fields in which to roam. He even discussed with Cirion, Steward of Gondor, the possibility of finding land somewhere in the south.
'Let us rest. Then we shall continue to explore this history.'