Quest:The Sights of Gondor's Garden

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The Sights of Gondor's Garden
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Lady Vanyalos
Starts at Hall of Lady Vanyalos
Start Region Lossarnach
Map Ref [73.0S, 23.0W]
Ends with Lady Vanyalos
Ends at Hall of Lady Vanyalos
End Region Lossarnach
Map Ref [73.0S, 23.0W]
Quest Chain Imloth Melui
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'While you tread the paths of Imloth Melui, do not keep your eyes upon your feet! These fair arbors and gardens recall the grandeur of my kingdom's past. I have walked them many times since my youth, and to remember them is the sweetest respite.

'I ask you to take note of the loveliest sights you see here. When you return to me, you may recount them and so I will relive the pleasures I knew, through your fresh eyes.'


Lady Vanyalos insists that the gardens and arbors of Imloth Melui recall the grandeur of Gondor in its youth, and wants you to remind her of their varied beauties.

Objective 1

  • Find the shaded path that overlooks the River Erui
  • Find the Erui overlook, south-east of the Hall of the Gentle Hand
  • Find the bridge by the source of the Erui, north-west of Imloth Melui
  • Find the tall stone steps in the north
  • Find the central fountain

Lady Vanyalos has asked you to appreciate the many beautiful sights within Imloth Melui.

It is cool in the shaded path and branches of the pines seem to whisper of things long forgotten.
Here the River Erui courses widely through great arches, crashing in a great fall on its journey south.
Where the Erui comes down from the mountains in great cascades, noise and peacefulness blend into one.
Blossom, river, and stonework alike are watched over by slope-side ranks of mountain pine.
Clear water laughs loudly as it spills into the central fountain. Ancient arches peer from behind flower-laden trees.

Objective 2

Lady Vanyalos is in her hall on the north-east rise of Imloth Melui, waiting for you to return with descriptions of her city.

Lady Vanyalos: Lady Vanyalos listens intently as you describe your exploration of her city. When you are finished, she sighs happily.
'Thank you, <name>. I think I will sleep now, and perhaps I shall dream of the places you have described to me. I am quite transported, in time if not in place, to the years of my youth, when I saw those sights beneath sun-filled skies, with a sun-lit heart.'