Quest:The Raiding Parties

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The Raiding Parties
Level 109
Type Solo
Starts with Ingold
Starts at Ruins of Dingarth
Start Region Dor Amarth
Map Ref [48.1S, 8.6E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<Name>, have you seen the Easterling raiding parties that come from the south? When first they set foot into Dor Amarth, they simply were content with hunting game. Now they are more emboldened and look to pillage. We should send these men back to the south before they strike up the courage to plunder our small outpost here on the plain.'


Ingold worries that Easterling raiding parties coming out of Talath Úrui may discover Gondor's presence in Dor Amarth and focus their raids on this outpost.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Easterling raiders (0/4)
  • Defeat Easterling raid leaders (0/4)

Easterling raiding parties can be found in western Dor Amarth.

You should defeat any Easterling raiding parties you come across.

Defeated Easterling captains (4/4)
Defeated Easterling raiders (4/4)

Objective 2

  • Talk to Ingold

Ingold can be found in the Ruins of Díngarth.

You should speak with Ingold.

Ingold: 'You have done well and have again kept us safe here on the plains of Gorgoroth. I am glad to have you here during this perilous expedition.'