Quest:The Mysterious Dheghûn

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The Mysterious Dheghûn
Level 101
Type Solo
Starts with Rhûd-pulo-Drât
Starts at Drû Bhûta
Start Region Taur Drúadan
Map Ref [52.7S, 26.9W]
Ends with Rhûd-pulo-Drât
Ends at Drû Bhûta
End Region Taur Drúadan
Map Ref [52.7S, 26.9W]
Quest Chain Far Anórien: Taur Drúadan
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We know the Dhegûn can be driven back to unknown. Find them, <race>. Send them back.'


Rhûd-pulo-Drât now sees the Dheghûn as an even greater threat then the Orcs, and want you to defeat the mysterious beasts.

Objective 1

Dheghûn can be found throughout the Drúadan Forest.

You should defeat Dheghûn.

Defeated Dhegûn (10/10)

Objective 2

Rhûd-pulo-Drât can be found in Drû Bhûta.

You should speak with Rhûd-pulo-Drât.

Rhûd-pulo-Drât: 'They retreat? Very very good. Strong like Dhûrghud, you are.'