Quest:The Key and the Keyhole

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The Key and the Keyhole
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Tattered Note
Starts at Zarârgharâf
Start Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [4.3S, 110.1W]
Ends with King Thorin III
Ends at Hall Under the Mountain
End Region Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Map Ref [29.5N, 25.6W]
Quest Group The Secret Stone
Quest Chain Erebor
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

An old piece of parchment was left behind here. It appears to have been written very quickly: 'Forced to flee. Seek me in Othrikar.'


King Thorin III has asked you to try to locate an ancient relic known as the Secret Stone. But what dangers did the poem warn about? Can you solve this mystery on your own?

This difficult treasure hunt will require community teamwork and resources outside of the game itself. Good luck!

Objective 1

  • Find someone in Othrikar who knows about the Secret Stone

You found a note in Moria pointing you towards Othrikar.

You should find someone who knows something about the Secret Stone in Othrikar.

Lúki: 'Can I help you, <class>? You seem to be looking for something.'
You tell him you are looking for the Secret Stone. He bristles at the mention of the name.
'How do you know about that?! Keep your voice down!'
You tell him that King Thorin has tasked you with finding it.
'I see! You are on the right track, but I'm afraid I can't help you... unless you know whom to ask for.'

Objective 2

You found a dwarf in Othrikar who knows about the Secret Stone, but he cannot help you unless you know whom to ask for.

You should discover whom to ask for in Othrikar.

You need to ask for Rúnvarth!

Objective 3

You have discovered the name of the dwarf in Othrikar.

You should ask for Rúnvarth.

Lúki: You ask Lúki to see Rúnvarth. He nods solemnly.
'As you wish!'
He quickly goes inside and then returns, followed by another dwarf.

Objective 4

Rúnvarth can be found in Othrikar.

You should talk to Rúnvarth.

Rúnvarth: Rúnvarth is an ancient dwarf, but you have the feeling that great wisdom has come with his age. He silently assesses you for a moment, and then speaks:
'I am Rúnvarth, and I have what you seek, but it is impossible to simply hand it to you. Three items you must bring me, and only then can your quest continue.'

Objective 5

Rúnvarth has told you that he needs 3 items from you.

You should discover what these items are.

GNAWED PIECE OF METAL "You aren't sure what kind of metal this is."

Objective 6

Rúnvarth can be found in Othrikar.

You should talk to Rúnvarth.

Rúnvarth: 'Yes, this is what is needed, just a moment.'
He goes inside the house. You hear forge bellows and hammering. The noise ceases, and he returns.
'Here is your newly forged key.'
He notices your confused expression and chuckles.
'Ah, that piece of metal from Old Gnawer? That was the previous key. I needed to make you a new one. That is why I told you it was impossible to simply hand it to you! Now, you must find the keyhole to claim your prize. And to find that, you must return to where you started. Good luck, and remember, don't stare into the stone, or it will steal your mind!'
And with that, he returns to his home, and shuts the door behind him.
NEWLY-FORGED KEY "A new key has been forged. You can now retrieve the Secret Stone!"

Objective 7

  • Find the Keyhole

Now that you have the Key, you must find the Keyhole.

You should find the Keyhole.

HIDDEN KEYHOLE "There is a small keyhole here."
Examining ...

Objective 8

  • Claim the Secret Stone!

You have found the Secret Stone inside Erebor!

You should claim the Secret Stone!

HIDDEN DOOR "The reforged key has unlocked the way!"
THE SECRET STONE "An unassuming, round, black stone. You know you must not look into it."
Picking up ...
You hear someone enter the chamber behind you
Grótur says, "I knew some nosy adventurer would track it down if I left that old tome lying around."
Grótur says, "Thank you for doing what I could not. Karazgar will be pleased."
Grótur says, "Oof!"
Grótur says, "I yield! I am sorry, <name>. I knew I stood no chance against you, but I had to try."
Grótur says, "I found a hidden cache of weapons, and claimed I had forged them myself. Somehow Karazgar found out. He must have agents hidden in Erebor."
Grótur says, "He threatened to reveal the truth to my kin. I would have been shamed and banished! We are all just so desperate to reclaim our crafting skills..."
Grótur says, "I offered to find the Secret Stone for him. He accepted the bargain. But I could not find it on my own."
Grótur says, "I was such a fool. Please, forgive me..."

Objective 9

King Thorin III can be found in Erebor.

You should bring the Secret Stone to King Thorin.

King Thorin III: You return to King Thorin and tell him of your adventure.
'So, someone did indeed have sinister intentions for the Secret Stone! I cannot thank you enough for keeping it out of evil's hands and undoing this insidious plot! For now, we will see if we can use its power for the benefit of my people. If not, I will make sure it is sealed away for good.
'On behalf of Durin's Folk, thank you, <name>.'