Quest:The Fate of Honey-bell

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The Fate of Honey-bell
Level 120
Type Solo
Starts with Sterkist
Starts at Beorninghús
Start Region Vales of Anduin
Map Ref [13.7N, 53.1W]
Quest Group Vales of Anduin: Beorning-lands
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I have run into something of a snag with one of my tasks, and I tell you it may be a sign of something much worse! I have been keeping to the safety of the Beorninghús ever since the recent troubles, and feeding the cows seemed enough to keep me here. All of the animals have now been fed, save one, for Honey-bell is gone! Ha. It may be time to save one, indeed.

'Honey-bell may just have wandered off, but if she has, she has gone further than I would like to be searching. Help me find her!'


Sterkist has been tasked with feeding the cows, but he has run into a bit of a snag: one of them is missing.

Objective 1

Honey-bell is probably somewhere in the Beorning-lands, beyond Sterkist's sight.

You should find some sign of Honey-bell's wanderings.

This bell belonged to Honey-bell, but its presence belies her absence

Objective 2

Sterkist can be found at the Beorninghús.

You should show Sterkist the bell you found.

Sterkist: 'On no, that is Honey-bell's bell! Where did you find it? In a warg-den? Tragedy indeed, <name>! She was such a good girl, faithful bovine companion, supplier of milk and cheese! We will mourn, not just for the products with which she supplied us but also for her dear loving and sweet demeanour. Poor Honey-bell, to perish in this way!'
Sterkist squints into the distance, looking at the far gate.
'One moment. Is that Haldis I see? And who is with her?'

Objective 3

Haldis can be found at the Beorninghús.

You should talk to Haldis about where she found Honey-bell.

Haldis: 'You are a friend of Sterkist? I see that you found Honey-bell's bell! I took her for a walk in the sunshine earlier today, for she seemed quite agitated about something and I thought a walk might do her some good. Her bell must have fallen off sometime while we were away and I did not notice it was missing until we returned.
'You found her bell in a warg den? I must say I am grateful you found the bell only, with no cow attached, and that Honey-bell was safe with me, and I with her! I am surprised Sterkist did not see us. We must have just missed each other.

Objective 4

  • Give Honey-bell a good pat

Honey-bell can be found at the Beorninghús.

You should give Honey-bell a good pat.

You pat Honey-bell on the head.
What a friendly cow!

Objective 5

  • Talk to Sterkist

Sterkist can be found at the Beorninghús.

You should talk to Sterkist.

Sterkist: 'Haldis took Honey-bell for a walk? It seems I sent you chasing for wild goose and worried myself for nothing! I am sorry, but the darkness that has settled upon the vales has me all on edge. I shall focus on my next task, which must surely cause me no alarm. How worrisome could mushrooms possibly be?'