Quest:The Cursed Hill

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The Cursed Hill
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Faramir, son of Ondoher
Starts at Dagorlad, near Dol Acharn
Start Region The Wastes
Map Ref [30.3S, 3.2W]
Quest Chain The Wastes: Dagorlad
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Your friends can rest easy for the moment, <class>, but rest shall not soon come to me.

'Even in this form beyond death, I have done naught to stop the countless horrors I have witnessed, and I can bear it no longer. This fallen man of Númenor, Burudagath, perverts the banner of my father and kills without mercy... and the Wainriders that rose in answer to the strife in these lands have slain the men of your company with fear alone. These two foes stand in defiance of Gondor on the hills of Dagorlad... and there remains no force to stop them.

'Yet, I believe that I have found a means to set our foes upon each other.

'However, such a ruse demands swaying the attention of the Wainriders... and that shall be no simple task.'


The Wainriders have claimed the hill of Dol Acharn, but they must be challenged if you are to stand between them and the Host of the West.

Objective 1

Dol Acharn can be found in eastern Dagorlad.

Faramir has asked you to approach the hill to confirm his suspicions about the Wainriders. You should scout the hill carefully.

An unseen force saps your will to press forth and your morale begins to waver!

Objective 2

Faramir can be found due west of Dol Acharn in Dagorlad.

You attempted to reach the hill-top of Dol Acharn but found your efforts repelled by an unseen force that sapped your will to press onward. You should return to Faramir and tell him of what you have experienced.

Faramir, son of Ondoher: 'It is as I feared... it seems only the Wainriders themselves can stand upon the hill without succumbing to fear.
'I had hoped you would not encounter such resistance from the Wainriders before even confronting them, but it seems our cause grows more desparate.
'I may know a way to allow you to travel onto Dol Acharn without hinderance, but it shall not be an easy task.'