Quest:The Anniversary Event

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The Anniversary Event
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with A Young Brandybuck
Starts at Bree Fireworks Area
Ends with Angeline Greenpasture
Ends at Market Square
End Region Bree
Map Ref [30.4S, 51.1W]
Quest Chain Anniversary Event
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Hello there, good <class>!

You may have noticed that there is a special event is going on: our very own Anniversary! There are festivities taking place in many locations, perhaps you'd like to know the particulars?

While the event is under way, you will find that there is a Beer-brawl in Thorin's Hall, Fireworks Shows in Bree and the Shire, Horse-races at the Horse-fields and Delving fields, and a great number of tokens to be found all over the world. You may trade these tokens for special gifts and profit greatly from such simple tasks as fighting evil in Middle-earth.

Go and explore the different festivities, and be sure to return here at night to participate in our marvelous firework show!


Every year in the spring, the Anniversary Event takes place to celebrate a very special occasion.

NOTE: This quest will be removed from your quest log when the current festival ends.

Objective 1

  • Speak to Winston Peartree at the fireworks area near Bree's North-gate

A spectacular fireworks display occurs every night on a hill above Bree-town. Winston Peartree, at the fireworks area near Bree's North-gate, will happily introduce you to the event and get you participating in it in no time.

Winston Peartree: 'Welcome to the show! Are you here to take in the sights, or maybe you would care to participate instead?
'There is nothing quite like the fireworks show we have here in Bree. We gather every night during the festival and set off quite the display! Feel free to join in the fun and be rewarded for your efforts. You won't regret it, friend.'
You have visited the location of Bree's fireworks show

Objective 2

  • Visit the site of the Bree race-track

Visit Sally Threshing at the Bree Festival Grounds race-track to learn about testing your skill at racing. The Bree Festival Grounds are located between the Northern Bree Fields and Bree-town.

Sally Threshing: 'Greetings to you, <class>! Would you like to try your skill at racing? Come back every day to race, and you will not be sorry.'
You have visited the site of the Bree race-track

Objective 3

  • Visit the Methel-stage in the Shire

The Methel-stage, just south of Bywater in the Shire, is the location of a spectacular annual fireworks extravaganza. Gandalf himself has donated fireworks for this event, which is hosted by the hobbits of Bywater. Help is needed to make this the largest spectacle it can be!

Milo Brockhouse: 'Welcome, welcome! If you are a fan of fireworks, then you have come to the right place! This stage is home to the Shire's annual fireworks event, and no one does it better than we do.
'Gandalf the Grey has been kind enough to provide us with enough fireworks to have a spectacular show this year, but we need volunteers to help us set off all of the launchers.
'Feel free to come celebrate with us as much as you would like...a new show starts every few minutes!'
You have visited the Shire's fireworks stage

Objective 4

  • Visit the site of the Shire race-track

Visit Carl Proudfoot at the Delving Fields race-track to learn about testing your skill at racing. The Delving Fields are to the south-east of Michel Delving in the Shire.

Carl Proudfoot: 'Hello there! Are you here to race? This is the Anniversary Run in the Shire, and you can race every day to win Anniversary tokens.'
You have visited the site of the Shire's Anniversary Run

Objective 5

  • Visit the beer-fight area in Thorin's Hall

The Thorin's Hall Festival Arena is host to the Battle for Glorious Beer. Inside the arena, Gísli Strongclub will introduce you to the finer points of swinging a dwarf-club, and will tell you what is required if you choose to undergo the ultimate challenge of claiming the Glorious Beer for yourself.

Gísli Strongclub: 'Welcome to the Festival Arena! This is where the Battle for Glorious Beer takes place. We have a fine brew this spring, and I am sure people will want to compete to win the limited supply.
'Come back often! This event runs every few minutes and is a wonderful way to blow off steam and acquire exciting rewards.'
You have visited the site of the Battle for Glorious Beer

Objective 6

The Keepers of Gifts can be found in most of the major towns in Middle-earth during the Anniversary, with Angeline Greenpasture holding her post in Bree.

You should speak to Bree-land's Keeper of Gifts to receive a small token of appreciation.

Angeline Greenpasture: 'Greetings! I am a Keeper of Gifts, and many like me can be found in the major towns throughout Middle-earth during the Anniversary celebration.
'As you defeat the forces of evil during this special time, you will find that your chances of acquiring special tokens will be quite good. When you have enough tokens, you may trade them in for gifts for a limited time!'