Quest:Tainted Mug

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Tainted Mug
Level 10
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Jónar
Starts at Thorin's Hall Inn
Start Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.2W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Psst. Over here. Yes, you; who else would I be talking to? You standing right in front of me, you foolish <race>.

'I had an idea -- a vision, if you will. It is a dream, of the Ale Association. It sounds wonderful, does it not? A true guild of ale-loving dwarves, with our finest recipes. The problem is that those woolly-toed, rascally hobbits beat us to it!

'Here's what you should do. Are you familiar with the Inn League initiation? We shall put a stop to that, and choke them at the very beginning so that they cannot grow anymore. You should steal the recipes for their precious beers and ales. Without recipes, there can be no Inn League.


Jónar, a sinister and surly resident of Thorin's Hall, has grown increasingly sour towards the success of the Inn League.

Objective 1

The very precious Inn League recipes can be found throughout the Shire -- in Stock outside the Golden Perch, in the Great Smials of Tuckborough, in the Brockenborings Watch Office, and in Waymeet.

The dwarf Jónar has asked you to steal the recipes of the now-famous Inn League bests: Fern Beer, Gunderic's Ale, Perry's Porter, and Rootknot Cider.

Jónar: 'I demand those recipes! The hobbit-league should not be allowed to endure -- not when superior brewers stand before you here!'
You have stolen the renowned recipe for Rootknot's Cider
Townsperson says, "You there! Hey!"
Townsperson says, "You tell your Inn League friends to pay up!"
Townsperson says, "These copies of my recipe don't grow on trees, you know."
Townsperson says, "Unbelievable fall! Humph!"
You have stolen the renowned recipe for Gunderic's Ale
Inn League Brewer says, "Always busy this time of year! Where is that recipe of mine?"
Inn League Brewer says, "Oh dear...."
Inn League Brewer says, "My old family recipe has gone missing again!"
Inn League Brewer says, "Good thing I have it all memorised. I shall go write it down again now."
You have stolen the elusive Fern Beer Recipe
Bounder Primstone says, "Hey! You there!"
Bounder Primstone says, "You're not allowed to take that..."
Bounder Primstone says, "...without my famous advice, that is!"
Bounder Primstone says, "You'll want to drink that with a spot of nutmeg."
Bounder Primstone says, "I am a great fan of that recipe as well! I hope you enjoy it -- we have plenty more to go around."
You have stolen the highly-coveted recipe for Perry's Porter
Drunkard says, "That there's my family recipe. Lots of folks have been borrowing copies. But why did you have to go wake me up?"
Drunkard says, "So rude...zzz...."

Objective 2

  • Bring the stolen recipes to Jónar at Thorin's Hall

Jónar eagerly awaits you at the inn in Thorin's Hall.

You should return with the recipes to Jónar, for he will wish to hear all that has passed during your brushes with the members of the Inn League.

Jónar: 'Those foul little hairy-footed, shorn-faced devils! I hate all hobbits! I did not expect that those recipes would be duplicated and given out to all the nosey <class> who fancied one!
'Well, I have learned one thing that will be of advantage to the Ale Association, the greatest league of ale-enthusiasts in all of Middle-earth: we know now that hobbits do not guard their secrets as the dwarves do, and this will be their undoing. Ha!"