Quest:Sons of Pelargir

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Sons of Pelargir
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Nimithil
Starts at Ost Anglebed
Start Region Lebennin
Map Ref [79.4S, 39.4W]
Ends with Faltharan
End Region Pelargir
Map Ref [83.8S, 33.3W]
Quest Group Lebennin
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'You have done much for me and the people of Ost Anglebed, but I have heard naught but horrid things of Pelargir. While you and the men of Linhir battled the Heirs on the beach, I heard tell of a great calamity in Pelargir.

'My husband, Faltharan, bid us flee to safety when the Corsairs came to the city, but now I fear for him. Although I know he would never surrender the city willingly, I also do not wish him to lay down his life for a hopeless cause.

'Search for him within Pelargir's walls, <name>. If he fights yet, I trust you will join him in reclaiming the city from the Corsairs!'


After learning of a great battle in Pelargir, Nimithil grows concerned for her husband, Faltharan, who remained behind in the city to challenge the Corsairs.

Objective 1

Faltharan can be found somewhere in Pelargir.

Nimithil has grown concerned for her husband after hearing news of a great battle in Pelargir. You should seek out Faltharan.

Faltharan: 'Ah, you say my wife has sent you?
'I am heartened that she and my son are safe, but I cannot say the same for my men and me. Although the battle has ended, many troubles still plague Pelargir.'