Quest:Securing The Culvert

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Securing The Culvert
Level 100
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Landscape
Starts at The Deeping Wall
Start Region Westfold
Quest Group The Deeping Wall
Quest Text


Saruman's forces have used their black powder to create an opening at the culvert and have began to infiltrate through the gap in the wall.


  • Seal the culvert opening with rocks (0/18)
  • Protect the workers from being defeated (0/5)

The Orcs have blasted a hole into the culvert upon the wall and are infiltrating through the gap. Assist the Rohirrim workers as they attempt to seal the opening to prevent further enemies from getting through the defenses.

Merit Rating

This quest starts with Full Merit Rating.

  • Major Merit Loss
    • Worker defeated
  • Moderate Merit Loss
    • Too much time has passed before the sealing the culvert
    • Every 15 seconds after the initial time penalty