Quest:Running Wild

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Running Wild
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Skarding Wargsbane
Starts at Thokvist
Start Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [25.9N, 58.4W]
Ends with Fanglind
Ends at Thokvist
End Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [25.9N, 58.4W]
Quest Chain Wells of Langflood: Misthallow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'While I must remain vigilant over the passes of Misthallow, tonight we celebrate our victory! I have called upon my friends and kin to join us!'


A celebration is in order after the fall of Lumrog and Gúrbarash's cowardly flight.

Objective 1

Skarding can be found at Thokvist.

You should talk to Skarding.


Skarding: 'Let us show you what it means to be a Beorning. Run wild with us, <name>!'


Skarding: 'Come, my kin. Let us run wild together, like Beorn and those before him!'
Complete Instance: Running Wild

Objective 2

Fanglind can be found at Thokvist.

You should talk to Fanglind.

Fanglind: 'Greetings, <name>. No, I have not seen Skarding since last night. Do not worry. He spends more time in the woods than at Thokvist. I am sure he will return soon enough.
'It was indeed a pleasure to fight by your side. Now I understand the high praise you have received from my brethren. Perhaps we shall meet again. Until that day, farewell, my good <race>.'