Quest:Roving Threat: Du-kalon, the Pitiless Dead

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Roving Threat: Du-kalon, the Pitiless Dead
Level 100
Type Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Arvaethor
Starts at Ethring
Start Region Ringló Vale
Map Ref [72.0S, 50.1W]
Quest Group Ringló Vale
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'This is a dire situation. A Ruthless Dead by the name of Du-kalon has ventured into this Vale. No one knows where he came from and I hear his strength is unequalled. He has begun to take notice from those who followed Drugât and Nerzus. I fear he may be able organize the Dead into the army that Drugât only envisioned.

'Call upon your allies to vanquish Du-kalon before we are all in danger.'


After the events in the Nimrond caverns, Ringló Vale faces continued threats, including Du-kalon, a Ruthless Dead who takes no pity on the living.

Objective 1

Du-kalon can be found somewhere in Ringló Vale.

You should defeat Du-kalon.

Defeated Du-kalon

Objective 2

Arvaethor is in the village of Ethring.

You should speak with Arvaethor.

Arvaethor: 'We shall remember you for many years to come. The defeat of the mysterious Du-kalon is truly a heroic feat. It fears me to think what may have happened had he gained command of the Ruthless Dead lurking in Ringló Vale.'