Quest:Rescuing Vengeance

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Rescuing Vengeance
Level 28
Type Solo
Starts with Lagorlam
Starts at Taur Gonwaith
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [14.2S, 41.5W]
Ends with Thaliollang
Ends at Lin Giliath
End Region The North Downs
Map Ref [13.7S, 44.5W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Chain Avenging Lachenn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I am pleased to see a face that does not to a troll belong. I came to Taur Gonwaith to seek vengeance on the trolls that attacked the glade of Lin Giliath and murdered my fair friend Lachenn. I can tell you that many of the Stone-trolls that attacked Lin Giliath will never again leave this place.

'The last three I faced proved a challenge, and they had begun arguing how best to cook me when you arrived. You have my thanks.

'Let us leave this place, friend, so I might return to Lin Giliath and tell my friend, Thaliollang, the course of my vengeance.'


Lagorlam, a member of the company of Elves who came north with Gildor Inglorion, entered Taur Gonwaith, seeking revenge against the trolls who attacked Lin Giliath.

Objective 1

Lagorlam was injured while visiting his vengeance on the trolls. With his anger saited he has offered to leave Taur Gonwaith with you.

Lagorlam says, "The breath was knocked out of me, but now I am fine. Let's go at once!"
Lagorlam says, "Perhaps we will find a few more trolls along the way."
Lagorlam says, "Did you hear that? Be ready!"
Lagorlam says, "Stay alert! There are more up ahead!"
Lagorlam says, "You appear haggard from our encounters. Let us rest here a moment before continuing on."
Lagorlam says, "Very well, let us begin again. Still more trolls may fall by our deeds."
Lagorlam says, "Look! On the rocks above us!"
Lagorlam says, "I can find my way back from here. You have my thanks!"
You have escorted Lagorlam to safety

Objective 2

Thaliollang is at Lin Giliath, north-west of Taur Gonwaith.

Thaliollang will be pleased to hear that you rescued Lagorlam from the forest of Taur Gonwaith.

Lagorlam says, "Please let Thaliollang know I am well, if you should speak with him before I return to Lin Giliath."
Thaliollang: 'You survived a journey to Taur Gonwaith, [name], and lent your strength to Lagorlam!
'Aye, he has already spoken to me of what transpired. I am grateful that you were able to find him, though he insists he could have returned to Lin Giliath without any aid.
'He told me something else, as well, which begins my grief anew.'