Quest:Raiders to the North

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Raiders to the North
Level 70
Type Solo
Starts with Elder Déin
Starts at Lhan Rhos
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [87.2S, 23.3W]
Ends with Anurin
Ends at Dunbog
End Region Dunland
Map Ref [85.8S, 23.5W]
Quest Group Dunland: Dunbog
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We have much to talk about, Duvodiad. Here in the Dunbog we are able to stay out of the affairs of the rest of Dunland. We know that storms brew on the horizon, but we make certain that we keep out of the rain.

'Part of the reason is that we have a constant reminder to the north of what happens when we do not mind our own affairs. The last time that we interfered, Saruman took many of our people and did foul things to them. I am not sure what he was doing there, but he returned one day with an army of twisted monsters, abominations to nature.

'Now we need to deal with the attacks of the Abominations every day. Go north and help stave off the attacks of these creatures, and when you are done, speak with Anurin.'


The Elders of Lhan Rhos spoke of terrible creatures that they call the Abominations.

Objective 1

The Abominations attack Lhan Rhos from the north.

Elder Déin has asked you to stop the Abomination invasions.

Elder Déin: 'Please, stop the next assault from the Abominations. We can not afford to lose our village.
'The creatures attack from the north.'
Defeated Abomination Orcs (10/10

Objective 2

Anurin is on the northern lines of the Avanc-lûth.

Elder Déin instructed you to speak to Anurin once you have defeated the waves of Abomination Orcs.

Anurin: 'I should not be impressed since you have done all that we asked, but I am. You do as we ask without thought or question.
'The Abominations are a sad tale, indeed. They also kill without thought or question but for all the wrong reasons. We watch them, but we are wary of destroying them all because it is not in our nature.
'Now, I may have information regarding the Dunlending strangers you are seeking.'