Quest:Raid: Reclaiming Eregion's Gift

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Raid: Reclaiming Eregion's Gift
Level 50
Type Raid
Starts with Gonediad
Starts at The Spire of Meeting
Start Region Rivendell
Map Ref [29.9S, 4.7W]
Quest Group Helegrod
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If the rumour of Thorog's return is true, I fear that the old terrors will seize the people of Eriador. The dragon will not long stay behind the walls of Helegrod.

'And yet this forgotten terror may bring with it hope unlooked-for: Mírdanant, the axe of Durin, is said to remain still buried within the dragon's neck. If Thorog is defeated, the axe might yet be recovered. The fortunes of the dwarves may change for the better once Mírdanant is retrieved, and the words out of Eregion, as well as the friendship of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain with Durin's Folk, might still be proven true.

'I dare not hope that you and your allies could stand triumphant over the might of Thorog that was, for that hope is fleeting. And yet, if you are able to retrieve Mírdanant from the body of ancient Thorog, I know of one unhappy and untrusting dwarf, at least, who might be comforted by its return.'


Gonediad of Rivendell is worried that Thorog will not long stay behind the walls of Helegrod.

Objective 1

The dragon Thorog has been spotted behind the walls of Helegrod, Mírdanant still buried within his neck.

Gonediad of Rivendell has asked you to try and recover the axe of Durin, lost in ancient battle with Thorog at Helegrod.

Gonediad: 'If you dare to face mighty Thorog and bring Mírdanant from out of the darkness, some good might yet come from Helegrod again inhabited, though it seem impossible.'
MIRDANANT: "Durin wielded this axe when he defeated the great dragon Thorog, but was himself slain during the battle."
  • Bring Mírdanant to Gonediad
Gonediad: 'You have done the impossible, <name>. Allow me the honour of examining Mírdanant. I never believed this hour would come, the axe of Durin returned from out of the darkness.'
Gonediad says, "I can hardly believe it, my friends."
Gonediad says, "Hear me, Elves of Imladris!"
Townsperson says, "What has excited you so, Gonediad?"
Elrond says, "Yes, Gonediad, tell us, though I suspect I know the cause of your delight."
Gonediad says, "You have it aright, my lord. The dragon Thorog is defeated!"
Townsperson says, "Is this true?"
Bilbo Baggins says, "Now, I know a thing or two about slaying dragons, you might say, and it isn't easy."
Bilbo Baggins says, "Smaug himself was quite a terror, you know, and this Thorog sounds just as mean-tempered!"
Bilbo Baggins says, "So, Gonediad, who could have done this? Don't leave us in suspense!"
Gonediad says, "Why, Master Bilbo, have you not figured it out?"
Gonediad says, "These good people braved the dangers of Helegrod and defeated the dragon Thorog!"
Townsperson says, "Can it be so?"
Deluros says, "Our friend the hobbit is not the only one with questions, Gonediad."
Deluros says, "Do my eyes deceive me? Is the axe you bear...?"
Gonediad says, "Your eyes say true, Deluros!"
Gonediad says, "Behold Mírdanant, returned from out of the darkness!"
Arwen says, "Look, father! The dwarves have come!"
Glóin says, "Greetings to you, Master Elrond, Lady Arwen, Burglar Bilbo."
Glóin says, "I have heard that Thorog lies once again defeated, and his vanquishers stay now in Rivendell."
Glóin says, "Is this so?"
Elrond says, "You have heard true, Glóin, son of Gróin."
Glóin says, "I am pleased to hear it!"
Glóin says, "There was rumour too that the axe of Durin, lost in the first defeat of Thorog, had been recovered."
Glóin says, "This must go to the dwarves."
Bilbo Baggins says, "Oh no! It's the Arkenstone all over again!"
Elrond says, "The axe of Durin was recovered and brought to Imladris, Glóin, as should have been done."
Glóin says, "As should have been done? That axe was borne by Durin, and should be returned to his people!"
Elrond says, "I say it should have been brought to Imladris for one reason, Glóin, Gróin's son."
Elrond says, "That I may have the honour of returning it to the line of Durin, its true masters."
Elrond says, "It was given once in friendship; let it be so again."
Glóin says, "Well, I see. Yes, very good. We are at your service and your family's, of course!"
Glóin says, "Let the old friendships not be forgotten!"
Bilbo Baggins says, "This seems like the perfect opportunity for a feast, wouldn't you say, Master Elrond?"
Elrond says, "You have just come from a feast, Bilbo! Have you forgotten?"
Bilbo Baggins says, "I still have one or two corners left to fill up, I'd say!"
Elrond says, "It seems I have no choice, my friends! Let us retire for preparation of the feast!"