Quest:Prisoners of the Dark Lord

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Prisoners of the Dark Lord
Level 108
Type Solo
Starts with Dwarf Prisoner Landscape
Starts at Barad-dûr
Start Region Dor Amarth
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

While searching the ruins of Barad-dûr for King Váskmun Greytooth, you have spied several exhausted and plainly-clad Stout-axes held in the smaller cells of the dungeon.

These must be the other Stout-axes that were taken when Sauron imprisoned King Greytooth seventy-eight years ago.

You should free them from the dungeons of Barad-dûr and allow them to reunite with their kin in Lûghash.


When King Váskmun Greytooth was imprisoned by the Dark Lord, many of his most-trusted kin were brought to the dungeons of Barad-dûr as well.

As you pass downward into the darkness of Barad-dûr, you discover a stone room lined with cells...

Objective 1

  • Free inprisoned Stout-axes from t he dungeons of Barad-dûr (0/6)

Imprisoned Stout-axes can be found throughout the dungeons of Barad-dûr.

In your search for King Váskmun Greytooth, you have found other Stout-axes imprisoned in Barad-dûr. You should free them.

Freed imprisoned Stout-axes from the dungeons of Barad-dûr
Imprisoned Stout-axe says, The things they've done to us...
Imprisoned Stout-axe says, They keep aksing about a ring! I don't know anything about that
Imprisoned Stout-axe says, Even the Uruks treated us better than this lot!
Imprisoned Stout-axe says, I never thought I'd leave this place alive ...
Imprisoned Stout-axe says, I tell them I don't know about the Ring! What more do they want from me?

Objective 2

  • Completed

You have freed all the Stout-axes from the dungeons of Barad-dûr.

After seventy-eight long years, you have freed the Stout-axes from their imprisonment in the dungeons of Barad-dûr.
Although their kingdowm of old has long laid in ruin, freedom may soon be won for all the Stout-axes of Mordor.
You have allowed them to share in this hope and to reunite with their kin n Mordor.