Quest:Old Hatreds

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Old Hatreds
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Artamir
Starts at Dagorlad
Start Region The Wastes
Map Ref [31.7S, 7.1W]
Quest Chain The Wastes: Dagorlad
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

I must admit, my friend, I am still vexed by Faramir's insistence on the threat of Wainriders upon the battle plain.

'The Wainriders have not been a threat to the peoples of Gondor in over a thousand years, and yet Faramir speaks of them as a foe with which we shall soon contend. The might of the Easterling clans has diminished much since their earlier, more unified days, and it seems unlikely to me that they have suddenly reforged a kinship that broke over many long years.

'He has asked to speak with you, and I do not doubt his words shall again concern the Wainriders.

'See what you make of his claims, <name>. The Wainriders are dead and gone, but so too was Faramir, son of Ondoher...'


Although they have not been seen for hundreds of years, the Wainriders of the East have shaped the history of Gondor in both victory and defeat.

Objective 1

Faramir can be found outside Ondoher's Folly.

Faramir has asked to tell you the tale of the Wainriders in the Wastes. You should speak to him when you are ready to hear it.

  • Listen to Faramir's tale of the Wainriders
Faramir, son of Ondoher: 'If you are to survive long in these lnds, <class>, you must first learn the hisroty of the Wainriders as I and my father once did.
'The hatred between Gondor and the Wainriders is a tale of fathers and sons. Our lands were stolen and reclaimed throguh the passing of the years, but the Wainriders shaped the line of kings in a way that no other foe could equal.
'After loosing his own father to their hordes, King Calimehtar, father of my father, rode against the Wainriders in vengeance. With the help of the North-men, he devastated their ranks, broke their wains and chariots, and slwe them upon the hill to the east - a hill wich came to be known as Dol Acharn. Such a victory brought peace to Gondor for many years, and Calimeehtar never again had to contend with the Wainriders before his death.
'Peace, such as it is, is always short-lived. Calimehart's son and my father, King Ondoher, was forced to meet them in battle. Alas, you are aware of the loss Gondor suffered as a result.
'Artamir here has told me much of the days that followed the King's death as well as my own. He tells me that the Wainriders made camp to the southwest, but were ambushed and slim to the last by a vast army under command of a man named Eärnil. He claims that Eärnil soon became king of Gondor, even in the fact of the claim made by my sister's husband, King Arvedui of Arthedail. What talkes he has told me of these new days...
'Ah, but now the past has risen to confront the p rsent. Fate is a curious thing,<name>... is it not?'
Faramir says, "You see, the Wainriders have been stirred from their long rest, and I believe your Host has riled the evils that lingered upon this plain..."
Faramir says, "Even now, they ride from the East... and their might is no less swift or terrible than it was in days past."
Artamir says, "You speak the impossible! Such things cannot be..."
Faramir says, "They cannot and yet they are, Artamir. These are times unlike any I have known..."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Artamir outside Ondoher's Folly

Artamir can be found outside Ondoher's Folly.

You have heard Faramir's tale of the Wainriders and should now speak to Artamir.

Artamir: 'This... cannot be! If the Wainriders again roam the battle plain, they may meet the Host of the West on the field. Their hatred will not have dulled with time, and they shall strike at those that bear the king's banner with a vengeance renewed.
'We must bring word to Haerondir and soon!'