Quest:More Boar for Bree

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More Boar for Bree
Level 1
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Sally Blackwort
Starts at Festival Grounds
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [24.7S, 51.5W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The great festival of Yule is fast approaching, and I have a concern of dire importance. The chief feature of the annual festival is a great feast where we dine on roast boar and drink the richest of ale. The only problem is that I've lost the boar-meat.

'I had it hanging and drying just a few feet away from here. I had coated it with my special blend of seasonings...this was going to be a Yule feast none would soon forget. I taste-tested a little too much of the ale, I think, and took a short nap. When I awoke, the boar-meat was gone, and I could see wolf tracks heading west.

'I think the wolves dragged the meat towards their den! Please bring it back to me, if you can salvage it...we cannot have a true Yule feast without it.'


The Men of Bree mark the festival of Yule with a great feast of boar and ale.

Objective 1

The dried boar-meat is near the wolf-dens west of the Festival Grounds, on the west side of the Greenway.

Sally Blackwort has asked you to find and bring back some boar-meat that she was drying for the Yule festival feast.

Sally Blackwort: 'I'm sure the meat will still be good. A few tooth-marks never hurt good boar-meat before.'

Objective 2

Sally Blackwort is at the Festival grounds in the Horsefields.

Sally Blackwort will be pleased to receive the recovered boar-meat so she may begin preparing the Yule festival feast.

Sally Blackwort: 'You found it! This is wonderful news! It doesn't appear as if the wolves ate much of it either...they must not like my secret seasonings. I am heartily glad that we have better taste than they!'