Quest:Making An Example

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Making An Example
Level 84
Type Solo
Starts with Fastred
Starts at Dagred's Grave
Start Region Sutcrofts
Map Ref [60.1S, 58.9W]
Ends at Mead Hall of Snowbourn
Quest Chain Snowbourn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I am not certain that you saw it before you travelled out this way, but I have amassed a rather sizeable collection of Orc heads outside Snowbourn.

'If you would be so kind as to provide more for my collection, I am certain I can find space enough for them. Now then, I will take my leave.'


Fastred's hatred for the Orcs has shaped Snowbourn as of late. He has asked that you collect Orc heads to decorate the pikes outside the city as he returns to the mead-hall.

Objective 1

  • Behead Orcs (0/12)

Fastred wants you to gather Orc heads to add to the grim display outside Snowbourn.

Orcs can be found throughout the Sutcrofts.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Fastred in Snowbourn's mead-hall

Fastred will be pleased to hear that you have added to the collection of Orc heads outside Snowbourn.

Fastred can be found inside the mead-hall in Snowbourn.

Fastred: 'Ah, beautiful work… your name?
'<name>? Very Well.
'<name>, I am well aware of the problems facing the city as well as the rest of the Sutcrofts.
'Our enemies have grown in number and I have heard grim news from the Wold. Nevertheless, Snowbourn reains strong and should it fall to me, I will ensure the survival of the Eastemnet myself!'