Quest:Let's Take the Hornburg!

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Let's Take the Hornburg!
Level 95
Type Solo
Starts with
Letter 2 (quest)-icon.png
Summons to the Final Stand
Starts at Helm's Deep
Ends with Théoden
Ends at Helm's Deep
End Region West Rohan
Map Ref [63.9S, 89.5W]
Quest Group Westfold
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

You have received a summons to participate in the last stand of the Rohirrim at Helm's Deep.

Many have survived the long night, and it is time to ride out and throw down the enemies that now fill the vale.


Witness the last stand.

Objective 1

You have been given a map to guide you to Théoden's side.

You should read the map and go to Théoden at once.

Objective 2

Théoden is in the Great Hall of the Hornburg.

You should witness the end of the siege on Helm's Deep.

Objective 3

Théoden is in the Great Hall of the Hornburg.

You should speak with Théoden.

Théoden: 'We have done it! Rohan is safe at last -- for a while, that is.
'Many heroes fought and died this night, but many survived as well. You have shown legendary strength and loyalty to my peoples, <name>, and fought with the zeal of Helm Hammerhand himself.
'I honour you, friend to the Helmingas and Eorlingas alike.'