Quest:Intro: The Wolves of the Ruins

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Quest:Intro: The Wolves of the Ruins
Level 3
Type Solo
Starts with Calder Cob
Starts at Archet Dale
Start Region Archet
Map Ref [26.0S, 48.7W]
Quest Group Introduction (Hobbit/Man)
Race(s) Hobbit, Man
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Well well, if it isn't the rumour-monger! I've heard all about you, <name>.

'As you can see for yourself, there aren't no brigands causing problems. It's the wolves that threaten us lately. They seem to have gathered around Bronwe's Folly, especially about the top of the ruins.

'Brackenbrook sent you to assist me, and assist me you shall. I would like you to look into this wolf problem we are having.'


Strider would like you to earn the favour of Captain Brackenbrook if you can, so you find yourself offering your aid to a loyal soldier named Calder Cob.

Objective 1

  • Defeat wolves around Bronwe's Folly (0/4)
  • Search atop Bronwe's Folly for the source of the wolves

Wolves can be found near Archet, and seem to be most concentrated around Bronwe's Folly.

Calder Cob, a trusted soldier of Captain Brackenbrook, has asked you to look into Archet's wolf problem.

Calder Cob: 'It's always interesting when a stranger comes into town squawking about nonsense. Such folk don't always meet happy ends.'
There is a strange banner atop the stairs here

Objective 2

  • Use the Blackwold Banner to summon the offender (Do not leave the platform)

You found a strange banner atop the ruins at Bronwe's Folly.

You should take a closer look at this banner....

The Wolf-master approaches. You must defeat him!
Blackwold Wolf-Master says, "Heh heh...Calder Cob told me you'd be paying me a visit!"
Blackwold Wolf-Master says, "You'll be sorry for sticking your nose where it don't belong!"
You have defeated the Blackwold Wolf-master
You have aided in the defeat of the Blackwold Wolf-master

Objective 3

  • Ask Calder Cob why he set you up to be ambushed

Calder Cob stands at the farm just down the road from Archet.

Before you go back to Strider, you should ask him why he tried to have you ambushed by Blackwolds.

Calder Cob: 'H-how is it that you stand before me? A weakling like you defeated the Wolf-master? Bah! I would kill you myself if that fool Dirk Mudbrick weren't watching.
'No matter. I do not fear exposure. Brackenbrook will never believe you. He thinks I have served him loyally since I was but a lad, the old fool.
'Tell Brackenbrook whatever you like. But Archet WILL fall, and I'll make out with more gold than you can fathom! And will die with the rest, if you do not make yourself scarce before tonight.'