Quest:Instance: The Secret Road

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Instance: The Secret Road
Level 60
Type Solo only
Starts with Bróin
Starts at The Peaceful Path
Start Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [2.9S, 107.2W]
Ends with Corunothiel
Ends at Buzun-ghâr
End Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [4.3S, 108.6W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 7
Reflecting Pool Moria Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The secret way out of the throne room of Durin was known to a few only, all of whom perished during the fall of the great dwarf-kingdom. But the errant mark of a forgotten scribe preserved a record of its existence, and now it may be used to rescue the dwarf Bori from the clutches of the Orcs.


You have come with Orvar to Zurr-thurkh, the 'secret road' that was built as an escape passage from the throne room of Durin, and will use it to gain access to Mazog's fortress.

Objective 1

No one has walked the 'secret road' since before the Fall of Moria, but now you and Orvar will use it to get behind the walls of Mazog's fortress, Zabadgathol.

Orvar: 'This is incredible, <name>. Can we really use this passage to get behind the walls of Zabadgathol? For how long has this tunnel remained undiscovered by dwarf or Orc?
'Let us find out!'
  • Protect Orvar as you walk the secret road
Orvar says, "Well, let us see if this passage is what Bróin thinks it is."
Orvar says, "By the beard of Durin..."
Orvar says, "Look at this place, <name>!"
Orvar says, "Even in disrepair, such craftsmanship..."
Orvar says, "Give me a moment, <name>. I will rejoin you further ahead."
Orvar says, "Clear the way to the end of the passage, <name>, and I will rejoin you further ahead."

Objective 2

  • Clear the way ahead for Orvar

You should clear the way for Orvar to follow when he is ready.

Orvar has arrived at this end of Zurr-thurkh.
Orvar says, "I believe now, my friend. Rushdurinul must be just ahead."

Objective 3

Orvar is waiting outside the secret road, in Rushdurinul.

Orvar: 'You were right, <name>! This was once Rushdurinul, the great throne room of Durin! The Orcs have surely given it a crude new name, but it will always be Rushdurinul to the dwarves!
'Fight on into the Orc encampment, and search for Bori, Bósi's son! I will watch the rear to ensure no creature from Zurr-thurkh surprise us while we are doing battle with the Orcs!'

Objective 4

  • Search the Orc encampment for Bori

Orvar has told you to search the large Orc encampment in the throne room for the captive Bori.

Orvar says, "I will guard the rear while you search ahead for Bori!"
Orvar has arrived at the Orc encampment.
There is no sign of Bori among the Orcs.
Orvar says, "Good work, <name>, but it seems they are not keeping Bori here."

Objective 5

  • Talk to Orvar

With no sign of Bori in the Orc encampment within Rushdurinul, Orvar has decided to confront Mazog directly.

Orvar: 'We will confront Mazog directly, <name>, and force him to tell us where Bori has been imprisoned!'

Objective 6

  • Protect Orvar as he confronts Mazog

You have come with Orvar to Rushdurinul, the throne room in which Mazog makes his lair, and will now confront the Orc leader.

Orvar says, "Mazog will pay for his crimes! He will tell us what he has done with Bori!"
Mazog says, "How came these maggots before me? Were not the front gates barred?"
Pûlpum Honour-guard says, "They... they were... Lord Mazog..."
Mazog says, "What is your excuse, worm? How did these fools enter my fortress?"
Pûlpum Honour-guard says, "I don't know, Lord Mazog! It is not possible!"
Pûlpum Honour-guard says, "I will kill them for you!"
Orvar says, "Enough of this, Mazog! You will tell us where you have imprisoned the dwarves you captured!"
Mazog says, "I do not imprison dwarves, rank-beard, I slay them."
Mazog says, "I am Mazog, Cleaver of Dwarf-skulls and Master of Orcs!"
Mazog says, "I will tear you limb from limb!"
Before Mazog can act, a new voice rings out!
Bróin says, "Not so fast, villain!"
Bróin says, "Two of Celeborn's finest archers will pierce your heart at my command!"
Bróin says, "Now, where are the dwarves you imprisoned? Where is my cousin Bori?"
Mazog says, "Dwarf slaves are no use to me. They are far too weak."
Mazog says, "One of the dwarves I slew. The rest I gave to Gorothúl."
Corunothiel says, "Oh no..."
Bróin says, "No!"
Mazog says, "He will be halfway to Dol Guldur by now."
Bróin says, "I should kill you for all the hurts you have caused, Mazog!"
Bróin says, "But I will not. You will remain my prisoner until the dwarves you sent away are rescued."
Bróin says, "And once we have stormed Dol Guldur and recovered the prisoners..."
Bróin says, "...only then will you die by my axe. I swear this oath by the throne of Durin."

Objective 7

With the sudden appearance of Bróin and the Elves from Buzun-ghâr, Mazog has been defeated.

Bróin: 'I got to thinking, <name>, after you left, about all the things you and others have been through, and I realised something: I can no longer stand by while others fight my fight.
'Once I resolved to leave my self-pity behind, I hurried to Buzun-ghâr and convinced the Elves there to come with me in pursuit of you. Our fortunes held, and we arrived just when most needed!
'I must hope that Bori is still alive, and that he is one of the two dwarves sent to Dol Guldur. It is only this hope that can keep me fighting.'
Corunothiel: 'The dwarf Bróin came to Buzun-ghâr not long after you left, and gave such a rousing speech that we could do nothing but follow him here. Who knew dwarves could speak with such vigour?
'And now he has a prisoner, and has spoken an oath beside. I hope it will not end poorly for Bróin or his friends, for there is a curious power to vows taken lightly.'
Corunothiel: 'Let us leave this place, <name>, and arrange for the prisoner to be kept somewhere safe. Mazog will not trouble us on the journey or he will lose his life, and painfully!'