Quest:Chapter 4: A Tense Alliance

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Chapter 4: A Tense Alliance
Level 60
Type Solo
Starts with Gimli
Starts at Cerin Amroth
Start Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [11.9S, 67.9W]
Ends with Corunothiel
Ends at Buzun-ghâr
End Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [4.3S, 108.6W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 7
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'That is my decision. I will not abandon the Quest with which I have been charged.

'I hope you will give to Bósi and the rest of the Iron Garrison the aid that I would have provided if I were there, <name>. When the errand of this company is finished, I hope to return to a reclaimed Moria, and your efforts will help make that possible.

'Bósi said he would return to the Chamber of the Crossroads near Durin's Way, in Moria. Go now to him, and give him both my regret that I cannot now return and my fervent good wishes for his success.'


Celeborn has sent a number of Elves to assist the dwarves in Moria, and you have promised Gimli that you will continue to lend your aid in the Mines as well.

Objective 1

Bósi is in the Chamber of the Crossroads near Durin's Way, in Moria.

Gimli has asked you to travel back to Moria to speak with Bósi and to tell him that you will help the Iron Garrison with their distressing problems.

Bósi: 'Welcome back to Khazad-dûm, <name>. I am disappointed that Gimli did not return with you, but I am sure he had his own reasons. His father Glóin has long been a close friend of my father and Brogur's father, and Gimli surely retains the honour of his forebears.
'This is my first dealing with Celeborn of Lothlórien, and I must confess I am not sure what to make of him. He has sent a number of Elves to help us, and while I appreciate the assistance, they seem perhaps too eager to blame the dwarves for all troubles, both present and past.
'They have established a camp with one of my dwarves, Orvar Bellhammer, in a newly-excavated passage off Durin's Way: Buzun-ghâr. It is located in the very southeastern corner of Tharâkh Bazân, in the southern wall, right near the exit from those gardens. You will find Tharâkh Bazân to the northeast of this chamber; yes, the tree-filled area on your map there. Journey there and lend Orvar your aid -- he is having...difficulties...getting along with these Elves.'

Objective 2

Orvar is in Buzun-ghâr, the newly-excavated passage off Durin's Way, located in the southern wall of Tharâkh Bazân's southeastern corner. Tharâkh Bazân is to the northeast of the Chamber of the Crossroads.

Bósi has asked you to help Orvar, the dwarf working most closely with the Elves sent by Celeborn to Moria.

Orvar: 'I am glad you're here, <name>. [If dwarf: There are not enough dwarves in Khazad-dûm, if you ask me!] These Elves have been sent by Celeborn for the purpose of helping us drive the evil out of Khazad-dûm, so they say, but they seem much more interested in casting blame about than in doing anything helpful!
'This cavern, Buzun-ghâr, was found shortly after you departed, and many of my folk were impressed by the state of it. The gardens still thrive! At least, up here they do; something rots and corrupts the plant-life as you descend.
'But while we could use some real help in clearing the cave of danger, instead these Elves/the rest of your folk (Elf player characters) speak often of "digging too deeply" and "disturbing things best left undisturbed." If this is the best Celeborn has to offer, I'd rather he kept them in the woods!
'You talk to Corunothiel, <name>, and see if I'm wrong. You'll see I am not!'

Objective 3

Corunothiel is at the camp inside Buzun-ghâr, located off Durin's Way in the southeastern corner of Tharâkh Bazân.

Orvar has expressed his frustration with the Elves that have been sent by Celeborn, and wants you to speak with one of them about his irritation.

Corunothiel: 'Listen to me, <name>, for this Orvar will not listen to reason. Some evil lives at the bottom of this cavern, and if the place is not sealed away the evil may spread.
'This is always the way of [you] dwarves! Why must they/you always dig into places they/you were not meant to go? Will they/you not be satisfied until no evil remains beneath the stone, and all have come to the surface to lay waste to the homes of the Elves and other good people?'