Quest:Instance: The Ruthless Dead

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Instance: The Ruthless Dead
Level 95
Type Solo or Fellowship
Starts with Radwine
Starts at The Dark Door
Start Region Paths of the Dead
Ends with Elfdag
Ends at Kêr Izel
End Region Paths of the Dead
Quest Group Vol. IV. Book 1
Reflecting Pool West Gondor Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool Old Anórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

The Ruthless Dead
The Dimholt road leads to the Dark Door and the paths beneath the Haunted Mountain, where the Dead walk. Few dare to go that way.


You have come to the Paths of the Dead in search of Elfhelm's grandson Elfdag, who may have ventured beneath the mountain.

Objective 1

Waldere is in the tunnel before you, injured and exhausted.

Waldere: 'Have you come here seeking Elfdag? I ventured beneath the mountain with several of my men, but we ran afoul of the Dead, and only I survived the encounter. I fled the cavernous room where they fell, but I feel no shame for it. It was folly to come here.
'There was a passage we thought to search, in the south-west wall of the cavernous room, but we were set upon before we could venture that way. If you seek Elfdag, that is a good place to begin.
'But wait! Before you go: are you journeying within by yourself, or do you have a Fellowship near at hand? Speak to me again and give me your answer.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Waldere and declare your intentions

Waldere has asked if you plan to venture deeper into the Paths of the Dead by yourself or if you have a Fellowship near at hand.

Waldere: 'How many allies do you bring with you? Much evil lurks within the Paths of the Dead!'
(Choose one:)
'<name>': 'I will succeed by myself!'
Waldere: 'I hope you truly are a skilled adventurer, friend! For my part, I am glad to have escaped from that tunnel with my life!'
'<name>': 'I will be fine.' (--this triggers the solo version of the instance--)
'<name>': 'I will succeed with my Fellowship!'
Waldere: 'Very well... I hope your friends are as hardy and skilled as you are, adventurer! For my part, I am glad to have escaped from that tunnel with my life!'
'<name>': 'We will live.' (--this triggers the fellowship version of the instance--)

Waldere says, "Well, good luck to you. Tread carefully, for this is a place of great danger!"

Objective 3

Waldere told you that his men were slain outside of a passage in the south-west of a cavernous chamber, and thinks you should search that tunnel for Elfdag.

One of Waldere's companions lies here, a victim of the Dead
Some of Waldere's companions lie beside the unsettling stream
Another of Waldere's companions lies here, his outstretched hand pointing south-west
You see movement in a tunnel to the west... is it Elfdag?
Dying Soldier says, "My wounds... are severe... but we did not check... this tunnel..."
You have found Elfdag! He cowers in the court ahead, frightened by the Dead

Objective 4

  • Fight off the Dead Men and rescue Elfdag

A great city of the Dead stands beneath the mountains.

You have found Elfdag in the Paths of the Dead, and now must fight to free him from the Dead.

Elfdag says, "Oh my!"
Elfdag says, "Are you a <class>? Are you here to help me?"
Elfdag says, "Watch out! The Dead are everywhere, even if you cannot see them!"
Elfdag says, "Is that all of them? It is impossible to say for certain!"
You have proven your persistence to the Dead, and they retreat warily

Objective 5

Elfdag is in the empty streets of the city of the Dead beneath the mountains.

Elfdag: 'You are a great adventurer, I can tell! But I think we should leave at once... these Dead Men won't stay away for long, no matter how often they are defeated!
'We will speak once we are above-ground, yes? I overheard some things you will want to know!'