Quest:Instance: The Mirror of Galadriel

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Chapter 9: The Mirror of Galadriel
Level 60
Type Solo only
Starts with Haldir
Starts at Talan Haldir
Start Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [16.2S, 73.5W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 6
Reflecting Pool Lothlórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

The Mirror of Galadriel
"Jealously do I guard my secrets, not the least of which is my mirror. Still there are times which require a greater knowledge, and this is one such time. Shadows gather in the east, and the fates of lost friends burns in the heart..."


The Lady Galadriel wishes to speak with you in her garden in Lothlórien.

Objective 1

Galadriel is waiting for you in the center of the garden.

You have been summoned to Galadriel's garden in Lothlórien, for she hopes to speak with you.

Galadriel: 'I am aware of your kindness to Magor beneath the mountain, <name>. You are now held high in his esteem, and he accords you great fondness for your part in his rescue.
'Strange deeds unravel on the many paths of your journey, for as your footsteps lead you to and fro, I perceive that many fates are entwined with your own. Some of your tales seem ended, but locked doors may yet be pried open.
'My Mirror can show many things, and you may ask it what you will. But heed this before you peer into the water: many valuable answers may come unbidden. Look now, and see what may be seen.'

Objective 2

  • Look into the Mirror of Galadriel

The Mirror of Galadriel is in the center of her garden.

Galadriel has invited you to gaze into her Mirror to see what you will.

Galadriel says, "Look into the Mirror, <name>, and see what you will."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Galadriel

Galadriel is waiting for you in the center of the garden.

You have seen strange sights within the Mirror of Galadriel, including confusing images of Gandalf and a terrible creature: a Balrog, Durin's Bane.

Galadriel: 'Some light is now shed on the riddles, do you not agree? The clues left behind among the Foundations of Stone begin to form a clear picture at last. Gandalf the Grey strove in Moria with Shadow and flame, and they fell, and perhaps rose again. Who had the mastery?
'It has been said that my eyes see farther than many who are deemed wise, yet keener eyes we need to pierce the darkness that shrouds Mithrandir from my sight. Who can spy upon Moria from all sides and gain rumour of the fate of Gandalf? Only Gwaihir the Windlord can do this.'

Objective 4

  • Listen to Galadriel's words concerning your fate

Galadriel is waiting for you in the center of the garden.

The Lady Galadriel has seen more than the fate of Mithrandir in her Mirror; she has seen some hints of your fate as well.

Galadriel says, "I saw more than the fate of Mithrandir behind your eyes, <name>."
Galadriel says, "I saw glimpses of your own fate as well."
Galadriel says, "But the Mirror shows many things, and not all of them may come to pass."
Galadriel says, "Of Mithrandir, at least, the vision is clearer."
Galadriel says, "Gwaihir the Windlord rests in the rear of my garden. Tell him what you have seen."

Objective 5

Gwaihir the Windlord has come to rest in Galadriel's garden.

Galadriel has asked you to speak with Gwaihir concerning the fate of Gandalf the Grey.

Galadriel: 'Gwaihir is resting in the rear of my garden. Speak to him, and we shall ask him to spy from the heights for rumour of Gandalf. He may yet live. I do not think that his purpose upon Middle-earth would be so soon spent, for his tasks will be great ere the end.'
Gwaihir: 'I have carried Gandalf before now, and if he yet lives, I will carry him again. I will send out the sharpest-sighted eagles to seek him from every corner of this land, and I will fly until we have learned what befell him.
'If he is to be found, I and my kin will find him.
'Return to the Lady and tell her I will do this.'
Galadriel: 'I know that Gwaihir will find Mithrandir, if he is to be found.
'Haldir will show you from this place, <name>. I will call for him.'