Quest:Instance: The King Rides West

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Instance: The King Rides West
Level 86
Type Solo
Starts with Théoden
Starts at Meduseld
Start Region Edoras
Map Ref [62.0S, 72.8W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 11
Reflecting Pool West Rohan Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The King Rides West
"Théoden King has mustered a force of more than a thousand spears and prepares to ride for Isengard. Will he return to Edoras in this life?"


Théoden has mustered a great host, more than a thousand spears, to ride to Isengard and bring war upon the Wizard Saruman.

Objective 1

Théoden is outside Edoras, ready to ride to war.

Théoden: 'Gandalf was right, <name>. I have sat in the shadows of my hall for too long. It is good to breathe clean air once more, and to feel the breeze upon my face. Gríma's whisperings made me forget, but now the memory of good has returned to me, and in greater force than before!
'Walk with me a ways, <name>. I have a request to make of you.'

Objective 2

Théoden says, "Forward, Snowmane."
Théoden says, "While I ride to Isengard, I would have you lend your aid to those who remain behind."
Éomer says, "<name> does not ride with us?"
Théoden says, "There are dangers both behind and ahead, Éomer."

Objective 3

Éomer is outside Edoras, with the great host that has assembled to ride with Théoden.

Éomer: 'I know you are needed elsewhere, <name>. Still I would feel more at ease if you rode with us.'
Éomer hesitates, and you can see him struggling with the weight of a decision.
'I do not want to add my own worries to those that already concern you, but if you find yourself in the Eastfold, perhaps you will cast an eye toward my own home? The town of Aldburg is my home, when I am not in Edoras, and it is now left in the care of my steward Arcil. It has been a long while since I returned to Aldburg, and I worry that the dangers that threaten the rest of the Mark may also affect my home. You need not go there in haste! Help my sister with her own task first, but it would ease my mind if I thought you might go to Aldburg afterward.
'You have my thanks, <name>.'

Objective 4

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are by the side of the river outside Edoras, waiting for the host to depart.

Legolas: 'There you are, <name>! Did you not recognize me? Théoden gave us raiment of war from his own hoard. I prefer my own garb, but we ride now to war and this shining mail will serve me better. Still I appreciate the gift.'
Aragorn: 'I understand your path leads elsewhere, <name>, but still we may yet meet again. There are dangers aplenty in Rohan, and not enough good-hearted folk to defeat them. If only there were two of you, or four, or six!'
Aragorn laughs, and some of the Riders nearby look at him curiously.
'Sounds of merriment are rare in these times, <name>, and defeating Saruman will not change that. Gandalf is quick to remind me that the real foe lies East and not West, but if Rohan is to survive we must do something about the enemy that is nearest. And we will.'
Gimli: 'The armour of this land is not made for dwarves, <name>, but the king gave to me a shield bearing his device: a white horse on a green field. I am proud to bear it, but I am less pleased at the prospect of being borne by such a creature on the journey to Isengard!
'I have had enough of bouncing around on the back of such beasts like a sack of meal! Éomer says that I may ride with him, and I have agreed to take him up on his offer, as long as Legolas will ride beside us. Together we will teach young Éomer how mistaken he has been concerning the Lady of the Golden Wood. We will be good company, assuming he learns this lesson well, and quickly!'

Objective 5

Théoden is outside Edoras, among the host that plans to ride to Isengard.

Théoden: 'The host is assembled and ready to ride, <name>, but there is still one matter I would see resolved. Will you find Gléowine and bring him before me?
'There is still the matter of his punishment to be settled.'

Objective 6

Gléowine is somewhere outside Edoras.

Théoden has asked for you to bring Gléowine before him.

Gléowine: 'The King has chosen this moment to reveal his punishment? I am prepared, <name>. Whatever my King decides will be just.'
Gléowine says, "I am ready, <name>."

Objective 7

  • Listen to Théoden issue commands before the host

Théoden has called Gléowine before him.

Théoden says, "Gléowine, do you know why I have called you before me?"
Gléowine says, "I do, my king."
Gléowine says, "My friends and I returned to Edoras, against your direct command."
Théoden says, "Why did you do this?"
Gléowine says, "We did this out of love, my king, and fear."
Gléowine says, "Love of the Mark, and fear for its people."
Théoden says, "I share this love, Gléowine, and this fear."
Théoden says, "But a king's word is law, and must be obeyed."
Théoden says, "You will not escape judgement."
Gléowine says, "That is just, my king. I submit to your will."
Théoden says, "I ride to war. It is like to be my last riding."
Théoden says, "I need a minstrel by my side, to record the deeds that await."
Gléowine says, "My king?"
Théoden says, "It will be your burden to witness my final days, if this be they..."
Théoden says, "... and record them in song."
Gléowine says, "You will return from the battle, my king!"
Théoden says, "That may be so. Do you accept my judgement?"
Gléowine says, "I do, my king!"

Objective 8

Théoden wishes to speak with you before the host departs.

Théoden: 'It is done, <name>. Each of the three of you: Gléowine, Horn, and the <race> with whom I now speak, will serve Rohan in the ways for which you are best suited, and scrub away the black mark incurred by defying my command.
'Now it is time to depart. Aid my sister-daughter Éowyn as the people journey to Dunharrow, and wish us well in the battle! With good fortune we will overcome, and put an end to Saruman's treacheries at long last!'
Théoden says, "Forth Eorlingas!"

Completed: Instance: The King Rides West