Quest:Instance: The Ithil-stone

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Instance: The Ithil-stone
Level 109
Type Solo
Starts with Ingold
Starts at Ruins of Dingarth
Start Region Dor Amarth
Map Ref [48.1S, 8.6E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Dor Amarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Under the command of Ingold, many in Gondor work to thwart the nefarious plans of Dulgabêth, the Black Word, as he sifts through the ruins of Sauron's defeat."


Ingold is concerned that, in defeat, Dulgabêth and his followers may direct their wrath upon Gondorians in Mordor.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Ingold

Talk to Ingold.

Ingold: 'We have made it this far undetected. The path ahead to Barad-dûr will be difficult.
'What's this? Look ahead, <name>. There seems to be some sort of meeting taking place on the road between us and the ruined tower.
'You have dealt with some of these foes before. Still, a meeting of Dulgabêth's minions does not bode well for us.
'We must attempt to get closer and listen in on their plans, whatever they may be. From there we should have enough information to devise a proper plan.'

Objective 2

  • Get closer so that you may overhear the conversation

Get closer so that you may overhear the conversation.

Ingold says, 'We make a run for it on my mark.'
Ingold says, 'Now!'
Ingold says, 'We should be able to listen here if we remain hidden.'
This is a good place to listen

Objective 3

  • Listen to the conversation

Listen to the conversation

You listen.

Objective 4

  • Listen to the conversation

* Do not leave your hiding place!

Vile Knight says, 'Now that we have seen the stone, we can assure you the master will be pleased.'
Vile Knight says, 'You have done well.'
Glúrugoth, the Hole-warden says, 'Where is Dulgabêth?!'
Krassa-phûrsa, Bringer of Tears says, 'Hiss! We have spent much time to retrieve the stone! Does the Black Word not care?!'
Sapakár, the Cleaver says, 'Hmpf.'
Vile Knight says, 'As we have said before, the Black Word is busy attending to other matters.'
Vile Knight says, 'Now you will take the stone into the tower and place it within Dulgabêth's chamber, where it shall remain safe.'
Vile Knight says, 'Do not tarry here long or you will regret challenging the word of Dulgabêth!'
Vile Knight says, 'Now we must leave, for the Black Word calls on our assistance.'
Glúrugoth, the Hole-warden says, 'The respect we get is not what we deserve!'

Objective 5

  • Confront Dulgabêth's servants and retrieve the Ithil-stone

Confront Dulgabêth's servants and retrieve the Ithil-stone

Ingold says, 'Look! That orb on the ground!'
Ingold says, 'Now is our chance to thwart these foes!'
Ingold says, 'Fear me, beasts!'

Objective 6

  • Let events transpire

Let events transpire

Sapakár, the Cleaver says, 'Ha ha ha, puny <race>!'
Glúrugoth, the Hole-warden says, 'Looks like the odds are against you!'
Krassa-phûrsa, Bringer of Tears says, 'What is this?!'
Glúrugoth, the Hole-warden says, 'The stone!'
Sapakár, the Cleaver says, 'They're getting away!'
Glúrugoth, the Hole-warden says, 'Gar! Are you in league with these flying filths?!'
Krassa-phûrsa, Bringer of Tears says, 'You will pay for this intrusion. Hiss!'

Objective 7

  • Defeat Dulgabêth's servants

Defeat Dulgabêth's servants

Glúrugoth, the Hole-warden says, 'Oh, the torture you will receive!'
Glúrugoth, the Hole-warden says, 'I feed on the pain!'
Defeated Glúrugoth
Sapakár, the Cleaver says, 'Rawr!'
Sapakár, the Cleaver says, 'Forget these filth. I'd rather live for another day than serve the Black Word any longer!'
Krassa-phûrsa, Bringer of Tears says, 'Hiss! How dare you defect! If I survive, you shall pay dearly, Olog!'
Defeated Krassa-phûrsa

Objective 8

  • Talk to Ingold

Talk to Ingold

Ingold: 'Argh! This certainly did not go as planned, <name>. This is not the fault of either of us. Not a one of us expected these merrevail to descend and snatch the Ithil-stone from us all!
'Now we must return empty-handed. Our only solace is that we have defeated the Black Word's lieutenant once again.
'Come: let us start on the return.'

Objective 9

  • Follow Ingold

Follow Ingold

Ingold says, 'Riders approach! We must veer from the road, my friend!'
Ingold says, 'That was close!'
Ingold says, 'Do you see that shining in the distance? What is that?!'
Ingold says, 'It seems to be atop that rock outcropping over there.'
Ingold says, 'What do you suppose that is?'
You see something glinting from atop a rock spire

Objective 10

  • Talk to Ingold

Talk to Ingold

Ingold: 'I am not sure what it is we are seeing over there atop that rock. Its glow is soft, almost Elven. Do you suppose it is some sort of weapon, perhaps?'


Instance: The Ithil-stone
Ingold: 'We should return swiftly and tell the Elves of our company about what we have seen here. They may want to investigate this further.'