Quest:Instance: The First Assault

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Instance: The First Assault
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Gísling
Starts at Snowbourn
Start Region Sutcrofts
Map Ref [60.2S, 61.7W]
Ends with Winsig
Ends at Walstow
End Region Sutcrofts
Quest Chain Snowbourn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Sensing weakness in the humble crofting settlement of Walstow, the Orcs of Mordor have poured forth from the East Wall in hopes of claiming part of the Sutcrofts for their dark master."


Walstow is under siege by Orcs of the East Wall who have finally brought their plans to fruition. Winsig and her folk require aid or another settlement of the Sutcrofts will fall to the same grim fate as Hytbold.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Winsig

Winsig stands just outside Walstow.

The town is under siege by the Orcs of the East Wall. You should speak to Winsig and begin your assault.

Winsig: 'Our message was received! Thank goodness someone has come… we have no time to waste, we must move now or risk losing all to the Orcs!'

Objective 2

  • Follow Winsig into Walstow

Winsig is in Walstow.

Nearby homes have been set ablaze by Orcs, and Winsig hopes to keep her town from ruin.

Winsig says, I cannot believe you have made it here, <name>...' '
Winsig says, 'The Orcs have spilled forth from the East Wall, and seek to raze Walstow... we must move with haste!
Winsig says, I know not how, but their strength seems beyond renewed...
Winsig says, The Orcs come at us again...let us aid my brethren!
Winsig says, To arms!
Winsig says, Look, <name>, the stables burn! Quickly, we must protect our steeds!'
The nearby stables burst into flames!

Objective 3

  • Defend the first stable of Walstow

The first stable lies just to the west of the Mead Hall of Walstow.

Winsig hopes to keep the Orcs from slaying the steeds of her people.

Winsig says, Monsters! The steeds are slain! Our revenge must be swift - attack!'
Winsig says, Follow me! We must secure the other stable before it is too late!
Having witnessed the slaying of many steeds, Winsig sets off to the other stable of Walstow

Objective 4

  • Follow Winsig to the second stable

The second stable lies to the south of the Mead Hall of Walstow.

In the wake of seeing so many steeds slain, Winsig hopes to protect any that remain alive.

Winsig says, The stable is just beyond this bridge. I pray the Orcs have not set flame to it already!
Winsig says, Ah! Good fortune at last, the stable still stands untouched. Let us move to defend it!
Winsig says, Those fiends come for us again! Protect the steeds!
As you approach the stable, a group of Orcs ambushes you

Objective 5

  • Defend the second stable of Walstow

The second stable lies to the south of the Mead Hall of Walstow.

Winsig requires your aid in defending the stable from the vicious assault of the Orcs.

Winsig says, I fear you not, Orcs! Walstow will hold strong!'
Winsig says, The fires grow by the mead hall! My men require aid!'
As the last of the Orcs falls, you notice black clouds of smoke rise through the air near the mead hall

Objective 6

  • Cross the bridge with Winsig

The bridge of Walstow passes through the middle of the town.

While you defeated the Orcs at the second stable, the rest of the town has burst into flame. Winsig desires to reunite with her men and put out the fires.

Winsig says, Make haste! We must cross the bridge and reunite with my fellows!
As you cross the bridge, a large, vicious Orc blocks the way

Objective 7

  • Defeat Gadhumúrz

Gadhumúrz stands just beyond the bridge of Walstow.

Winsig must reunite with her men, but a menacing Orc blocks your path.

Winsig says, Our foe retreats, but the town burns!
With the Orcs defeated, Winsig moves to rally the riders

Objective 8

  • Follow Winsig to the Mead Hall

The Mead Hall lies in north-east Walstow.

Winsig has called for aid from her men, and they now endeavour to put out the fires now that the Orc force is broken.

Winsig says, Everyone, the Orcs have gone! Quickly, extinguish these flames!
Winsig says, We have no time to lose! Save what we can! Grab the buckets, men!
Winsig says, We have beaten them back, <name>. Now, let us tend to the wounded and put out these fires...

Objective 9

  • Talk to Winsig

Winsig is standing outside the Mead Hall of Walstow.

The Orc force has been repelled, and Winsig and her people are free, at least for the moment, from the danger that consumed their home.

Winsig: 'Time and time again, <name>, your aid has proven invaluable to me and my people.
'The Orcs cannot be allowed any more footholds in the Sutcrofts… to this day, I still mourn Hytbold. That is a matter for another time, though…
'In the wake of such distructuion, I must tend to my people.'
Winsig: 'Let us speak more of this attack in a moment. For now, I must ensure my people are safe.'