Quest:Instance: The Fall of Moria

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Instance: The Fall of Moria
Level 50
Type Session Play
Starts with Ráthwald or Skygni
Starts at Sirannon Gate or The Twenty-first Hall
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [50.6S, 7.6W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 1
Quest Text

"Too deep and too greedily the dwarves delved. Little did they know what darkness truly lay in the deep places of the Misty Mountains, but Durin would not be dissuaded. Alas, what sorrow and shadows would come to Moria...."


The year is 1980 of the Third Age. You are Nafni, a trusted servant of Durin VI, the Lord of Khazad-dûm, and have no idea what will befall your fellow dwarves on this fateful night.

Objective 1

Sverri is standing at the doors before the great throne of Durin.

The doorkeeper of Durin's throne room is waiting to speak with you about some matter.

Sverri: 'There you art, Nafni! Where hast thou been? Lord Durin has been asking for thee; the Elf delegates from Lothlórien are soon due, and he has some business to which he wants thee to attend before they arrive.
'He sits on his throne, Nafni. Go to Durin and lend him thine assistance, as is thy wont and thy duty.'

Objective 2

Durin VI, Lord of Moria, is waiting at the dais on the north side of the great throne room.

Durin is waiting to speak with you about some matter before the Elves from Lórien arrive.

Durin VI: 'Thank thee for coming, Nafni. The delegation of Elves will be here very soon, and I had hoped to ask thee something.
'We have not had as many dealings with the Elves as once we did, and it is my hope that this meeting will rekindle the old friendship. The glory and wealth of Khazad-dûm is limitless, even if mithril is becoming more scarce by the year, but with the aid of the Elves we might delve even farther afield.
'We must look to the future. It is to that end that I wish to make a gift to my son Náin, for he will be king when I am gone, though it not be for many years.
'Speak with Melkólf Stonecarver on the western side of the hall about making a statue for my son. It will stand in this throne room when the time of his kingship is nigh.'

Objective 3

Melkólf Stonecarver is on the west side of Durin's throne room.

Durin has asked you to commission a statue of his son Náin from Melkólf Stonecarver.

Melkólf Stonecarver: 'Nafni, hello, hello! It is an honour to speak with one held so highly in my lord's esteem!'
You describe the statue Durin wishes Melkólf to make for Náin.
'It will be done, friend Nafni, with all haste; but not so quickly that the product suffers! It will capture young Náin's lordly countenance, and were he to stand very still, no dwarf in Khazad-dûm could tell the difference!
'Please tell my lord Durin that I will begin right away!'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Durin VI

Durin VI is by the dais in the great throne room.

You should return to Durin and tell him that Melkólf Stonecarver has agreed to make a great statue for Durin's son Náin.

Durin VI: 'Thank thee, Nafni. Melkólf is an unparalleled artist whose works will always have renown for their place within Khazad-dûm.
'Go to Sverri at the front gate of the throne room and await the delegates from Lórien. My son will be escorting them hither.'

Objective 5

  • Talk to Sverri

Sverri is at the front entrance to the throne room, south of Durin's great dais.

Durin has asked you to speak with Sverri and await the party of Elves from Lórien.

Sverri: 'The Elves are nearly here, Nafni, escorted by Náin, son of Durin. They will surely be impressed by the majesty of Durin's halls, but let us not reveal our pride. The way of the dwarf is to be humble before his guests, Nafni, as thou dost know well.
'They shall not but help to marvel at the halls of Durin. Do they not live among the trees? The great pillar's of Durin's city are like to trees, but shaped from the very roots of the stone Earth in stunning artistry!'

Objective 6

  • Wait for Náin to arrive

Sverri is at the front entrance to the throne room, south of Durin's great dais.

Durin has asked you to speak with Sverri and await the party of Elves from Lórien.

Sverri says, "Ah, here they are."
Sverri says, "Welcome back, Lord Náin, and warmest greetings to the esteemed guests of Durin!"
Náin says, "Very good, Sverri. Nafni, come here."

Objective 7

Náin is at the doors that enter Durin's throne-room, with the party of Elves from Lórien.

Náin is waiting to speak with you.

Náin: 'Nafni, these are the Elves of Lórien, come to speak with my father about our continued friendly relations and trade. Wouldst thou announce to my father that we have arrived?'

Objective 8

  • Talk to Durin VI

Durin VI is at the dais at the north end of the throne-room.

Náin has asked you to tell Durin, his father, that the host of Elves from Lothlórien has arrived.

Durin VI: 'I thank thee, Nafni. I see that they have come, and I am ready to speak with them about the continued friendship of the dwarves.'

Objective 9

  • Wait for Durin VI to finish addressing the Elves

Durin VI is addressing the Elves from Lothlórien.

Durin VI says, "Come closer, friends from Lórien. The hospitality of my house if yours."
Lórien Elf says, "We thank you for the courteous welcome, Durin, King of the Dwarves."
Lórien Elf says, "Thy son has been so kind as to show us some of the exquisite work of thy people."
Durin VI says, "Very good, very good! It is a joy to hear words of appreciation from such honoured guests."
Durin VI says, "Our peoples have been too long estranged. Ask anything of me and it will be yours."
Lórien Elf says, "I have heard rumour that the mithril of Khazad-dûm is becoming more scarce..."
Durin VI says, "Lies, spread by enemies of the dwarves."
Durin VI says, "I am sorry. You must forgive my frustration. Such rumours wound my pride."
Durin VI says, "Just this morning, I received word of more mithril deposits, below our deepest delvings."
Durin VI says, "I will show them to you, that you may know the majesty of our mines. Nafni, come here!"

Objective 10

  • Talk to Durin IV

Durin VI is at his dais on the north side of the throne-room.

Durin is eager to impress the Elves from Lothlórien with the glory of the mithril mines.

Durin IV: 'We will go at once, and impress upon our visitors the glory and bounty of the dwarves!'

Objective 11

  • Talk to Durin IV

Durin VI is standing with the party in the deep caverns beneath Khazad-dûm.

Durin is waiting to speak with you.

Dwarf Miner says, "We think there is mithril down here, but something has driven the cave-claws wild."
Durin IV: 'This cavern is deep and untamed, Nafni, and something seems to have stirred up the cave-claws that burrow here in the depths.
'Be so good as to clear this cave of the beasts so we may proceed to the mithril deposits in safety.'

Objective 12

Durin VI is standing with the party in the deep caverns beneath Khazad-dûm.

Durin is waiting for you to clear the cavern of cave-claws and deep-claws.

Durin VI says, "Nafni will eliminate the cave-claws. I would show our guests the great wealth beneath Khazad-dûm."

Objective 13

  • Talk to Durin IV

Durin VI is standing with the party in the deep caverns beneath Khazad-dûm.

Durin is waiting to speak with you.

Durin IV:'Very good, my friend. Now we will show the Elves the great bounty of mithril that still lies beneath Khazad-dûm!'

Objective 14

  • Follow Durin IV and his company

Durin VI and his party is walking to the mithril deposits in the caverns deep beneath Khazad-dûm.

Durin VI says, "Now to the deepest passage, beyond which lies great veins of mithril."
Dwarf Miner says, "This way, my lord. My team found mithril down this passage."
Durin VI says, "Help him break through this wall, Nafni. Let us show the Elves that our supply of mithril will not fail."

Objective 15

  • Help break through the cracked wall

Durin VI is standing with the party in the deep caverns beneath Khazad-dûm.

Durin is waiting for you to help break through the cracked wall beneath Khazad-dûm.

Dwarf Miner says, "That did it, Nafni!"
Durin VI says, "What manner of beast..."
Durin VI says, "Nafni, protect my son! He must rule in Khazad-dûm now!"

Objective 16

  • Survive!

Some great terror has slumbered beneath Khazad-dûm for a long age.

Dwarf Miner says, "Oh no! Nafni, we're trapped!"
Dwarf Miner says, "Stay here, Nafni! It is Durin's command that thou must live!"
Durin VI says, "Die, monster!"

Objective 17

  • Escape!

The dwarves are fleeing from the great terror that has been awakened beneath Khazad-dûm!

Náin says, "Nafni, this way! Run!"
Lórien Elf says, "Doom upon the halls of dwarves!"
Lórien Elf says, "The terror pursues us!"
Náin says, "What was that terror? I have never seen its like!"
Lórien Elf says, "It is a terror from another age: a Balrog of Morgoth."
Lórien Elf says, "A thousand curses on the greed of dwarves! It shold be slumbering still!"
Náin says, "What of the fabled courage of the Elves? I did not see thee stand against the shadow!"
Lórien Elf says, "Thou hast doomed thyself, and thy kingdom will perish."
Lórien Elf says, "I shall warn the Silvan Elves to flee ere this evil spills from thy gates!"

Objective 18

  • Talk to Náin, Lord of Moria

Náin is standing with what remains of the party in the deep caverns beneath Khazad-dûm.

Durin has been slain by the terrible creature that slept beneath Khazad-dûm, and now Náin is the ruler of the dwarf-kingdom.

Náin:'We must retreat, Nafni! We have no other option!
'But I swear on my father's name that I shall slay this Balrog, this ancient evil, this horror from a distant age!
'Khazad-dûm will not fall!'
Náin says, "I cannot die here! Nafni, slow its pursuit!"