Quest:Instance: The Defence of Trestlebridge

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Instance: The Defence of Trestlebridge
Level 30
Type Solo
Starts with Halbarad
Starts at Halbarad's Study
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [9.4S, 41.2W]
Ends at Nellie Boskins' House
End Region North Downs
Map Ref [17.1S, 53.9W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 3
Reflecting Pool North Downs Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The little town of Trestlebridge is all that stands between the Orcs of Angmar and Bree-land to the south. Halbarad, Ranger of the North, gathers heroes to help defend Trestlebridge from the approaching onslaught...."


You have travelled with Halbarad to Trestlebridge to aid in its defence against Orcs of the Ongbúrz tribe.

Objective 1

Aid Halbarad in the defence of Trestlebridge.

Halbarad says, "Quickly, I must have a word with you!"
Halbarad: 'The Orcs are nearly upon the town. Come with me quickly, we must convince Miss Boskins of the threat that is nearly upon her!'
Halbarad says, "Follow me!"
Halbarad says, "Mayor Boskins!"
Halbarad says, "Nellie Boskins!"
Nellie Boskins says, "Who's there? What is going on?"
Halbarad says, "Miss Boskins, I am Halbarad of Esteldín. I come with a dire warning."
Halbarad says, "Orcs of a kind unknown to you are about to attack your town!"
Halbarad says, "We have come to lend you what aid we can in the battle ahead."
Nellie Boskins says, "Ah, I see. So I refuse your call to council, and now this new orc threat appears?"
Nellie Boskins says, "I think we know how to deal with orcs, without your help."
Nellie Boskins says, "Why don't you return to your home. We will deal with this orc threat."
Halbarad says, "But Miss Boskins..."
Guardsman says, "Mayor Boskins, look! One of the guard approaches!"
Nellie Boskins says, "Come! Perhaps it is another attack!"
Halbarad says, "Come, we must follow, the battle is upon us!"
Guardsman says, "Mayor Boskins, orcs of a kind I've never seen before approach!"
Nellie Boskins says, "Perhaps your words were true, Halbarad. Come now, to the bridge!"
Halbarad says, "To the bridge!"
  • Defend Trestlebridge, and ensure that Halbarad and Nellie survive
Nellie Boskins says, "These orcs... they are unlike any I've fought before!"
Halbarad says, "They are of the Ongbúrz tribe... and more will be upon us soon!"
Nellie Boskins says, "How shall we stand against such creatures as these?"
Halbarad says, "Do not give up hope! We shall yet stand this day!"
Nellie Boskins says, "Are their numbers without limit?"
Halbarad says, "I think the end is in sight, Miss Boskins!"
Ongbúrz Battle-lord says, "Smash 'em! Kill 'em! Destroy these maggots!"
Halbarad says, "It is the warchief! Our enemy is upon us!"
Nellie Boskins says, "Huzzah! Trestlebridge is saved!"
You have defended Trestlebridge

Objective 2

Halbarad stands on the Trestlebridge, near Nellie Boskins.

Alongside Halbarad and the people of Trestlebridge, you have defended the town against the Ongbúrz Orcs.

Nellie Boskins says, "Halbarad, all of Trestlebridge is indebted to you and your companions."
Nellie Boskins says, "I only hope you can forgive my behavior toward you!"
Halbarad says, "Think nothing of it. It was my honour to aid you in this fight."
Halbarad says, "I must leave you now though and return to Esteldín."
Halbarad says, "My companions, though, shall remain behind, in the event more trouble arises."
Halbarad says, "I must have one final word with them, then leave!"
Halbarad: 'We have done well this day! I am indebted to you as well for your aid, as I fear the battle would have turned against the Free Peoples had you not been here.
'I must leave now, and I hope it is not too much to ask of you to stay behind. I would ask that you ensure that Trestlebridge remains safe through the night, then return to me in Esteldín.
'This was a great victory, my friend, a great victory indeed!'
Halbarad: 'I'll take you back to Nellie's house.'