Quest:Instance: The Darkness Over Lebennin

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Instance: The Darkness Over Lebennin
Level 100
Type Session Play
Starts with Daxamat
Starts at Hata Kebir
Start Region Lebennin
Map Ref [83.9S, 37.8W]
Quest Group Lebennin
Quest Chain Aerthir
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"Now fearing for the fate of the Corsairs, Daxamat, the brother of Jajax, recalls his dread in Dor-en-Ernil when he observed the meeting of the Scourge and a terrible man."


After shattering the lighthouse at Barad Rill, Balakhôr the Scourge has called Daxamat to the peak to look upon the lands he intends to claim.

Objective 1

  • Talk to the Night-jewel deckhand

The Night-jewel deckhand can be found on the shore of Barad Rill.

Daxamat made landfall with his brethren at Barad Rill and then spoke to a deckhand.

Night-jewel Deckhand: 'That took you a while...
'Currents a little rough for you today, Dax?'
Night-jewel Deckhand says, "He's up at the top of what's left, ah-ha! You better not make him wait!"
Our siege weapons had toppled the tower, and the Scourge sought to admire his handiwork.

Objective 2

  • Enter the lighthouse of Barad Rill

The lighthouse of Barad Rill can be found at the center of the small shoal off the southern coast of Dor-en-Ernil.

The deckhand has directed Daxamat to enter the lighthouse and speak to the Scourge at his request.

Night-jewel Deckhand says, "Dax! What took you so long?"
My fellow deckhands were still picking away at the wreckage when I entered the ruin...

Objective 3

  • Meet the Scourge at the peak of Barad Rill

The peak of Barad Rill can be found by climbing the stairs in the ruin.

Daxamat searched Barad Rill for Balakhôr and climbed toward the top of the ruin.

Night-jewel Deckhand says, "I think we crushed everything worthwhile..."
Night-jewel Deckhand says, "Ah, maybe this one has something valuable!"
Night-jewel Deckhand says, "I bet this looked great once! Wouldn't you say so? Hah!"
Night-jewel Deckhand says, "What a worthless lot..."
Then there he was... looking out onto Dor-en-Ernil with a smile.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Balakhôr the Scourge

Balakhôr can be found atop Barad Rill.

Daxamat then went into Barad Rill to seek Balakhôr at the top.

Balakhôr the Scourge: Balakhôr seems lost in thought as his gaze falls on Dor-en-Ernil, but he swiftly notices your presence.
Balakhôr says, "Ah, still no armour... you are a bold one. I cannot deny you that."
Balakhôr says, "Look upon this land, Daxamat!"
Balakhôr says, "So much to be claimed and so few to defend it. Indeed, our victory shall be swift."
Balakhôr says, "The daughter of Imrahil is wise, but wisdom cannot supplant strength."
Balakhôr says, "When we reach Pelargir, I shall see their fleet burned and their harbour broken."
Balakhôr says, "The great wounds dealt to Umbar at the hands of their long-vanished hero shall be repaid in full."
Balakhôr says, "And then, I shall be the master of Gondor!"
Balakhôr says, "Did you feel that gust? Whence did such a harsh chill arise?"
Balakhôr says, "Wait... stand back!"

Objective 5

  • Observe the meeting of the Black Blade and Balakhôr

Balakhôr and the Black Blade of Lebennin can be found atop Barad Rill.

Daxamar is describing the meeting between one of the Nine and Balakhôr. You should listen to his tale.

Balakhôr says, "Well now... to what do I owe such a rarely-granted audience?"
The Black Blade of Lebennin says, "Still your tongue, Man."
The Black Blade of Lebennin says, "I did not come to feed your arrogance. I come bearing a warning."
Balakhôr says, "And what might that be?"
The Black Blade of Lebennin says, "You seek to deceive, but you cannot, Balakhôr."
The Black Blade of Lebennin says, "I sense your fear at my arrival, for our Master has grown impatient with you."
The Black Blade of Lebennin says, "Your worthless pillaging and displays of force are nothing to him."
The Black Blade of Lebennin says, "Sail upon the river and make for the Guarded City as you were bid."
The Black Blade of Lebennin says, "Do not deny your Master or far more than Umbar will be swept from this world!"
Balakhôr had little to say for the rest of our journey.