Quest:Instance: The Choices of Master Samwise

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Instance: The Choices of Master Samwise
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Legolas
Session Play
Starts at The Silent Haunt
Start Region Lhingris
Map Ref [58.9S, 8.8E]
Quest Chain Mordor: Lhingris
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Where am I? Where have you gone, Sam? They've taken everything! Everything! The quest has failed!"


After disguising themselves in Orkish armour and cloaks now kept by the Silent One, Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins passed through Lhingris in their quest to reach Mount Doom.

Objective 1

Mr. Frodo can be found somewhere in the Tower of Cirith Ungol.

Better have a look at it! No use blundering about!

Objective 2

  • See what could be if you were only to claim the Ring!

The Ring has begun to tempt you! You must resist and rescue Mr. Frodo.

You feel the Ring begin to gnaw at your will and reason!

Objective 3

  • Use your Hobbit-sense
  • Claim the One Ring!

The Ring has tempted you with visions of yourself as Samwise the Strong. Use your hobbit-sense, Sam!

No! The Quest cannot end this way!

These notions are only a trick! Even if they were true, I cannot bear such a burden!

Objective 4

The gate of Cirith Ungol can be found at the easternmost point of Cirith Ungol.

Something too strong for your will to overcome bars the way!

Objective 5

  • Harden your will and charge at the gate of Cirith Ungol

An unseen force seems to block your passage into Cirith Ungol.

'Now for it!'
'You cannot pass! What else can you do in this moment of great need?'

Objective 6

  • Draw the phial of Galadriel and hold it aloft!

The phial of Galadriel! Its light might overcome whatever force bars your path!

Phial of Galadriel ... Shining in the darkness
The Silent Watchers quail and their will is broken for a moment!

Objective 7

Now's your chance! Mr. Frodo needs your help!

Now I've done it! I've gone and rung the front-door bell!

Objective 8

Mr. Frodo can be found somewhere in the Tower of Cirith Ungol.

Come on, Captain Shagrat! The great Elf-warrior is here!
Upon seeing you, the Orc recoils and flees up the stairs of the Tower!

Objective 9

An Orc has fled from you. You should continue higher into the Tower of Cirith Ungol in search of Mr. Frodo.

That's right! The Elf-warrior is loose, and I'm coming for you!
It looks like Shagrat and Gorbag have done my job for me! Nobody's left alive!
Nobody alive?! Frodo! Master! I'm coming!

Objective 10

  • Hide behind slain Orcs and wreckage!

You hear angry orc-voices approaching from the turret! Quickly, hide!

WRECKAGE "Wreckage in Cirith Ungol that might make a good hiding spot."
Hiding ... You duck out of sight

Objective 11

  • Wait for the right moment

Shagrat has chased the Orc, Snaga, onto the parapet of Cirith Ungol. You should remain hidden until the right moment.

'Shagrat chases a small Orc from the turret!
Shagrat says, "I'll stick you all right, Snaga!"
Shagrat says, "Hold still, you little wretch!"
Shagrat says, "Hoi! Who's still alive down there?"
Shagrat says, "Ho la! Answer me!"
Shagrat says, "Hah! Got you, Gorbag!"
Shagrat says, "Not quite dead? Well, you are now!"
Shagrat stands alone. It's now or never!

Objective 12

Shagrat is blocking your path into the heights of Cirith Ungol. It's now or never, Sam!
Shagrat says, "Bah! I've got what I need!"
As soon as you approach him, Shagrat darts past you and flees down the stairs of the Tower!

Objective 13

  • Find the Topmost chamber of Cirith Ungol

Mr. Frodo must be in the turret of the Tower of Cirith Ungol. Keep climbing!

Following Snaga's muffled shouts, you discover a ladder leading upward!

Objective 14

Mr. Frodo must be in the turret of the Tower of Cirith Ungol, and it sounds like he's in danger!

As Snaga flees down the ladder, you hear a cry and then a sharp crack...
It's Sam! Mr. Frodo, my dear! I've come!

Objective 15

  • Talk to Mr. Frodo and escape the Tower of Cirith Ungol

You've rescued Mr. Frodo!

Frodo: 'Am I still dreaming?'
You embrace Frodo so hard that you nearly lift him off the ground.
'You've found me, dear Sam! Bug where are we? And how did I end up here?'
You tell Frodo that there's no time for tales until you get far, far away from this tower!
Instance: The Choices of Master Samwise