Quest:Instance: Stanric's Stand

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Instance: Stanric's Stand
Level 71
Type Solo
Starts with Gadda
Starts at Stangard
Start Region Stangard
Quest Group Eorlsmead
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Stanric, the leader of Stangard, grows inspired by the changes you have brought about for this crippled settlement."


Sithric has at last caught wind of your deeds on behalf of Stangard, and for some reason he is displeased....

Objective 1

  • Talk to Gadda

Gadda is outside of the Mead Hall at Stangard.

Gadda: 'Stanric wishes to speak with you in private, <name>. He is inside of his house now.
'Go on, there is little time. Unfriendly eyes are all around us.'
Gadda points you to Stanric's house for a discussion away from unfriendly eyes and ears

Objective 2

  • Talk to Stanric inside his house

Stanric is inside of his house in Stangard, near the Mead Hall.

Stanric: 'My men have been coming to thank me for various good deeds you have done for them, traveller.
'Please, tell me how you were able to do so much for us, for I wish to continue this trend after you leave.'
You tell Stanric about the good you were able to do with little effort, free of the restrictions of politics

Objective 3

  • Tell Stanric of your methods and hear his thoughts

Stanric is in his household near the Mead Hall.

Stanric says, "I see...."
Stanric says, "We have always been few in number here at Stangard."
Stanric says, "Things have been hard, but the men and beasts of this outpost have never starved."
Stanric says, "Sithric was sent by King Théoden to oversee Stangard..."
Stanric says, "...but since then, things have grown worse."
Stanric says, "He came to ensure that this distant outpost was to provide adequate protection at Rohan's edge..."
Stanric says, "...but he thwarts all that we would do to be effective!"
Stanric says, "You have done more for us since your arrival than Sithric has let us do in a month."
Stanric says, "The men begin to hate me, but I cannot blame them."
Stanric says, "I do not stand up for them as I should!"
Stanric says, "I have been too afraid of going against the wishes of the king."
Stanric says, "But I am not afraid anymore. I see what is right."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Stanric

Talk to Stanric.

Stanric: 'Come with me, <name>. It is high time for change.'
Stanric seems determined to make a change

Objective 5

  • Follow Stanric outside

Stanric has gone outside.

You should follow him.

Objective 6

  • Talk to Gadda

Gadda is outside of Stanric's house.

Gadda: 'Sithric has his eye on us already. He grows suspicious whenever anyone he deems dangerous to his cause leaves his sight for long.'

Objective 7

  • Observe the confrontation between Sithric and Stanric

Gadda, Stanric, and Sithric are outside of the Mead Hall.

Stanric says, "Come, let us deal with this now."
Sithric says, "What is the meaning of this, Stanric?"
Sithric says, "What is this secret conference?"
Stanric says, "There are no secrets, Sithric. I have no wish to avoid you."
Sithric says, "No? Then why do you and <name> not speak openly?"
Stanric says, "Oh, worry not! I will be forthcoming now."
Stanric says, "<name> has done much for our outpost, with two hands only."
Stanric says, "Gone are the days when I feared my king so much that my men could starve at his bidding."
Stanric says, "Never again shall the edges of Rohan be allowed to grow feral..."
Stanric says, "...while we sit here with our hands bound."
Sithric says, "You will defy me, the envoy of Théoden King?"
Stanric says, "Indeed I will, when your objections are nonsense!"
Stanric says, "If my eyes see true, it is almost as if you strive to see Stangard fall into ruin, Sithric."
Sithric says, "How dare you -- imply -- why...."
Sithric says, "The king will hear of this insolence!!"
Sithric is enraged at Stanric's new defiance, but Stanric is determined to be strong

Objective 8

  • Talk to Stanric

Talk to Stanric.

Stanric: 'Sithric does not seem happy with my newfound zeal, eh? No matter; I endeavour to do all that you did and more to get Stangard back on its feet, <name>.
'Sithric can go rot for all I care. You are welcome in Stangard any time, but I will venture to say that your work here is done!'
Stanric: 'Come, let us retire for now. Talking and thinking are more exhausting than a day's labour, when such heavy topics are underway.'