Quest:Instance: Sons of the Usurper

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Instance: Sons of the Usurper
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Erchar
Starts at Linhir
Start Region Dor-en-Ernil
Map Ref [80.6S, 44.9W]
Ends with Erchar
Ends at Hata Kebir
End Region Lebennin
Map Ref [84.0S, 37.6W]
Quest Group Lebennin
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"After learning of Azgarzôr's whereabouts in Lebennin, Erchar and Herion rally at your side to avenge Garvir as Jajax prepares to deal a devastating blow to the Heirs of Castamir before they can lead Umbar to ruin."


Seeking to put an end to the reign of the Heirs of Castamir, Jajax prepares himself for an uneasy and hopefully brief alliance with Garvir's brothers.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Erchar

Erchar is standing outside Hata Kebir.

You have arrived at Hata Kebir and should now speak to Erchar before beginning your assault.

Erchar: 'Are you prepared, <name>?
'I hope so, for I can wait no longer! Garvir must be avenged!'

Objective 2

  • Fight your way into Hata Kebir with Erchar and Herion

Erchar and Herion can be found within Hata Kebir.

You have begun to assault Hata Kebir with Garvir's brothers and should follow them into battle.

Erchar says, "Herion, <name>... we move now!"
Herion says, "Lead on, brother!"
Erchar says, "I expected more than this lot... where have they all gone?"
Erchar says, "Cut them down!"
After defeating the Haradrim and stable-hands, the horses stand undefended
Erchar says, "Swiftly now, free their steeds and frighten them! Let us throw these men into disarray!"

Objective 3

  • Free and spook horses in Hata Kebir (0/3)

Horses can be found just inside the western entrance to Hata Kebir.

Erchar has asked you to free the horses and spook them, so that they might cause further commotion within Hata Kebir.

Freed and spooked horses in Hata Kebir (3/3)

Objective 4

  • Fight your way further into Hata Kebir

Erchar and Herion can be found within Hata Kebir.

Garvir's brothers are battling their way deeper into Hata Kebir. You should aid them.

Erchar says, "Let us see how they handle that! Onwards!"
Corsair Archer says, "On your feet, fools! They are here!"
Herion says, "I hear more coming, brother. We have been discovered!"
Erchar says, "Up the hill, swiftly now! We must press on before more of them discover what has happened."
Herion says, "Brother! Look ahead, we have been spotted!"
Erchar says, "<name>, do you know this man? He makes no move to attack us."
You notice a familiar face in the distance...

Objective 5

  • Talk to Jajax in Hata Kebir

Jajax is standing outside the inner campsites of Hata Kebir.

You have battled your way deep into Hata Kebir and have discovered Jajax amid the largely-emptied tents nearby. You should speak to him.

Jajax: 'Ah-ha! There you are, <name>.
'You may have noticed that a great deal of Azgarzôr's men have gone. That may be because I set some of their ships on fire, but I do not know their thinking for certain!'
Jajax lets out a small chuckle.
'Do not fear, I did not burn the finest of them, for I do not think my heart could have taken it. But yes, we have much to attend to here while those fools are distracted...
'I can see in your friends' eyes a burning anger... I feel much the same way for what has been done to my people. Let us be through with this, my friend. Azgarzôr must be slain this day!'

Objective 6

  • Fight your way to Azgarzôr's tent

Azgarzôr's tent is in the heart of Hata Kebir.

Jajax has joined with you and Garvir's brothers to confront Azgarzôr. You should battle your way to his tent.

Jajax says, "If you are friends of <name>, you need not worry yourselves, Swan-men!"
Jajax says, "I have burned the ships along the river's edge, but I do not promise that will keep them busy much longer. So let us finish this, eh?"
Jajax says, "Well, come on!"
Erchar says, "I give you the lead, Corsair. Let us move!"
Corsair Captain says, "That's far enough!"
Corsair Captain says, "Lay down your weapons now and we might slay you quickly."
Corsair Captain says, "Fine. You have forsaken our Way, traitor, and you will suffer."
Jajax says, "Hey! Be careful where you point your blade, Swan-man!"
Erchar says, "That must be his tent ahead! Let us go!"
As you approach the tent, a wave of dread passes over you...

Objective 7

  • Confront and defeat Azgarzôr

Azgarzôr is in Hata Kebir.

You have found Azgarzôr, and must now defeat him.

Azgarzôr says, "I was unaware that I had two Gondorian warriors in my service..."
Azgarzôr says, "...unless, of course, the rat hiding between you had some need of your aid."
Erchar says, "The four of us have come only for you, Azgarzôr."
Jajax says, "And I am no rat!"
Azgarzôr says, "So the brothers of Linhir come to avenge their murderous kin?"
Azgarzôr says, "Tell me something, warrior. Do the depths of the Gilrain treat him well?"
Herion says, "Enough words! None will sully Garvir's name in my presence!"
Azgarzôr says, "And what of you? Why aid the men of Gondor?"
Jajax says, "Until the moment the whips of Mordor are lashed upon your back, you will be blind to the fate you have chosen for our people."
Jajax says, "I do not come for vengeance. I shall save Umbar from scum like Balakhôr!"
Azgarzôr says, "So be it..."
Azgarzôr says, "If you would fight together, then you shall die together!"
Azgarzôr says, "I will hang your bodies from the walls of Pelargir!"
Azgarzôr says, "You shall join your brother soon, fools!"
Azgarzôr says, "It is you who shall bring Umbar to ruin, traitor!"
Azgarzôr says, "Balakhôr will slay you all!"
Erchar says, "Rest well, Garvir, for you are avenged!"
Azgarzôr is slain!

Objective 8

  • Talk to Erchar

Erchar is standing in Hata Kebir.

You have defeated Azgarzôr and avenged Garvir. You should speak to Erchar before leaving the camp.

Erchar: 'It is done then...
'I miss my brother greatly, <name>, but I can rest easier knowing his murder has been avenged.
'Azgarzôr shall be forgotten, but the deeds of my brother shall be remembered in Dor-en-Ernil for ages to come.
'Ready yourself to depart, <name>. I have but a few more words to say here...'
Erchar says, "Fare well, Jajax. Indeed, you are a strange man, but I shall not forget what you have done for my family."
Completed: Instance: Sons of the Usurper
Jajax says, "And you as well. You have helped me to free my people from the Heirs... I shall not forget this, my friends. Hah, perhaps you folk are not so bad after all!"
Jajax says, "I suppose this is where we part ways... you go back to your adventures, <name>, and I... I shall take to the sea."
Erchar: 'We must leave this place before more of Azgarzôr's men return!'