Quest:Instance: On These Stones

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Instance: On These Stones
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Winsig
Starts at Mead Hall of Walstow
Start Region Sutcrofts
Ends with Fastred
Ends at Snowbourn
End Region Sutcrofts
Map Ref [60.4S, 62.2W]
Quest Chain Snowbourn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Amid the disappearance of Fastred's son and the siege of Walstow, a terrible sorceror of Mordor, Crúmgam, leads a vast force of Orcs in a ploy to bring Snowbourn and the entirety of the Eastemnet to ruin."


Winsig seeks your aid in fighting to repel the vicious assault of Crúmgam on Snowbourn.

Objective 1

Winsig is standing outside the east gate of Snowbourn.

Winsig has ridden with you to Snowbourn in hopes of fending off an Orc assault on the town. It seems you are already too late!

Winsig: 'We have made it, <name>, but I fear we have come too late…
'I must find Fastred at once… would you be willing to fend off the Orcs as I push through the front line?
'I'll meet up with you deeper in Snowbourn once I find him.
'On you mark, I will start my charge!'

Objective 2

  • Defend Winsig as she enters Snowbourn

Winsig has gone to find Fastred. You should aid the people of Snowbourn in repelling the Orc assault.

Winsig says, Hold here, cover my entrance into Snowbourn! Once I make it further inside, we will meet up again!
Having defeated the Orcs and providing Winsig safe passage, you should seek out Gísling

Objective 3

Gísling can be found in south-eastern Snowbourn.

Winsig asks that you find and aid Gísling and the people of Snowbourn while she seeks out Fastred.

Gísling: 'What luck! I expected not to see you again, <name>…
'The Orcs are relentless, and I fear they shall soon overwhelm us.
'When you departed for Walstow, I sent word to my father in Garsfeld. I can only hope my message was received.
'If he has made it here, he would be near the north gate. I must hold this location, but please seek out my father!'
Gísling asks that you seek his father, Gísil as soon as you are able

Objective 4

  • Defend Gísling

Gísling can be found in eastern Snowbourn. He is overwhelmed defending the city from the siege and requires your aid.

Gísling says, I fear that is not the last of them... Stand strong!
Gísling says, Go now! Seek out my father near the north gate - I shall protect my people here.
As the last Orc is felled, Gísling implores you to seek his father near the north gate

Objective 5

  • Find your way to the north gate of Snowbourn

Gísil is said to be near the north gate of Snowbourn.

Gísling has moved to aid the people of Snowbourn and asks that you seek the aid of his father and Fastred.

The Orcs defeated, Gísil stands wounded among his fallen men

Objective 6

Gísil is standing at the north gate of Snowbourn.

Gísil and his men were struck by a vicious assult of Orcs. Gísil is wounded, but seeks to locate Fastred.

Gísil: 'Ah, it is good to see you…
'My men and I were ambushed as we approached Snowbourn, and I fear I am the last standing among us.
'I'd come to aid when Gísling warned me of the impending attack on Walstow. I hope that girl brought the might of my people down on those monsters.
'Fastred is somewhere among all of this chaos, but I have seen him not.
'He must be found - the man may be brash, but I fear for his family, and mroe importantly, the Sutcrofts. Let us search near the Mead Hall, perhaps he has set up his defences there.'
Gísil says, Fastred must be near the Mead Hall... let us try to reach him...
Gísil sets off towards the Mead Hall

Objective 7

  • Fight you way to the Mead Hall

Gísil is in northern Snowbourn, and has asked you to follow him to the Mead Hall in hopes of meeting with Fastred.

Gísil says, I hear them coming for me again... Let these wretches taste our might!
Gísling says, Father! Fastred awaits us by the Mead Hall... we must aid him!
Gísil says, Very well, my son... my wounds bite at me, but let us press on...
As you approach the Mead Hall, Fastred emerges, his face contorted in rage
Fastred says, Folcred... where are you?! I shall find you, my son!

Objective 8

Fastred is standing outside the Mead Hall of Snowbourn.

Fastred has emerged from the Mead Hall. You should speak to him at once.

Fastred: 'What madness is this?!
'These fiends think us so weak that they strike at us in Snowbourn? I have slain many Orcs this day, and many more will fall before it ends.
'My own home was invaded by that scum, and I sent Elflád to safety in the barracks once I slayed the Orcs to their last.
'I will slay as many as I must to see my son returned to my care. If I should find his abductor, I will split them from head to toe.'

Objective 9

As the sky darkens, a familiar figure appears in Snowbourn. You should confront this man, and put and end to his villainy.

Fastred says, What darkness comes to Snowbourn now?
As Fastred speaks the sky darkens, and a wave of dread passes over you
Crúmgam says, Do you see it yet, Fastred?
Crúmgam says, Do you and your pitiful fellows understand?
Crúmgam says, Fight as you may, we shall strangle every last bit of hope that remains in these lands!
Fastred says, I have heard enough from you!
Crúmgam says, Oh, but you have not!
Crúmgam says, Come hither, Fastred. I have something you might want to see...
Fastred says, Perhaps I can stay my blade long enough to see what it is you have to show...
Crúmgam says, See what I hold in my hand, Fastred?
Crúmgam says, Do you recognise the make?
Crúmgam says, One of my Orcs tore it from your son... Folcred, was it?
Crúmgam produces a shredded piece of Folcred's clothing and Fastred is overcome

Objective 10

  • Defeat Crúmgam's forces

Fastred now seeks to exact his revenge on his son's abductor.

Fastred says, No... my son... I...
Crúmgam says, I warned you of this, Fastred...
Crúmgam says, Yet, you were too brash to heed my words...
Crúmgam says, Now then... watch as your failure to act dooms your fellows as well!
Elflád says, Fastred!
Elflád says, Allow not this man to fill your mind with lies!
Elflád says, Folcred is safe! Your mother fled with him across the Entwade...
Elflád says, Please, I only did this out of love... to protect our child from horrors such as these!
Crúmgam says, Silence, Woman!

Objective 11

  • Defeat Crúmgam

Crúmgam stands outside the Mead Hall of Snowbourn. Fastred's vigour is renewed after the safety of his son was assured. Crúmgam must be defeated to return peace to Snowbourn.

Fastred says, You come into my lands...
Fastred says, You threaten my people, you burn our crops to the ground...
Fastred says, And now, you threaten me with the death of my only son...
Fastred says, I fear neither you nor your master!
Crúmgam says, We shall see about that...
Crúmgam says, You face the might of Mordor! None can stand against me!
Crúmgam says, Not this day... Fastred...

Objective 12

  • Talk to Fastred

Fastred is standing in central Snowbourn.

Crúmgam has been defeated and the Orc force is broken. Fastred, his Thanes, and his people are safe for the moment.

Fastred: 'That wretch will not threaten the lives of those for whom I care most dearly ever agan.
'His foul sorcery was no match for the might of Rohan and the valour of my people. The Sutcrofts will stand strong, as we always have.
'I wish to spend time with my son, now that I know he is safe. Such fear can never consume me again - he will be kept safe from harm.'
Fastred: 'Come, let us rest from such an ordeal. Once you are ready, I believe Gísil wishes to speak with you, but for now, we shall take our leave.'