Quest:Instance: Old Friends and New Tidings

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Instance: Old Friends and New Tidings
Level 75
Type Solo only
Starts with Haldir
Starts at Talan Haldir
Start Region Lothlórien
Map Ref [16.2S, 73.5W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 6
Reflecting Pool Lothlórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"This Dunlending girl who travels with you cannot be allowed to see the secret ways into Lothlórien. I must bind her eyes if she is to come with you to see the Lady."


You have come to Lothlórien with Nona to learn the meaning behind your curious dreams.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Haldir within Lothlórien

Haldir is in the woods of Lothlórien.

Haldir: 'Guide your friend well, for I will not be responsible for any injuries she suffers while blindfolded. This is the law of the Golden Wood. No outsiders must see the secret trails of Lothlórien. It is out of respect for you, <name>, that I permit even this.
'Follow me with care.'
  • Follow Haldir through the woods of Lothlórien
Haldir says, "You have seen many distant places, <name>. Can any compare with the Golden Wood?"
Haldir says, "These are dangerous times, and I fear the beauty of Lothlórien must soon wane."
Haldir says, "This is far enough."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Haldir within Lothlórien

Haldir is in the woods of Lothlórien. waiting to speak with you.

Haldir: 'All right, I think this is far enough. You may remove the blindfold now, and I will bring you to the Lady Galadriel.

Objective 3

Nona is in the gardens of Galadriel, and wants to speak with you.

Nona: 'This land is a pretty one, as these Elves seem fond of saying, but this is what the daughter of Suvulch has to say: the hills of Nan Laeglin at sunset are more beautiful by far.
'I submitted to the binding of my eyes for your sake, <name>, and to learn the secret behind your dream, but do not expect it again. I will leave this land with my sight unhindered, or these Elves will learn a sharp lesson at the point of Wadu's blade.
'Where is this Elf-queen?'
Nona says, "By the Huntsman! This must be her."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Galadriel and describe to her your dream

Galadriel is waiting to speak with you in her gardens.

Galadriel: 'I did not expect you in Lothlórien, <name>. What need has driven you hither, when so many need your help elsewhere?'
You relate to Galadriel the troubling images you beheld while dreaming in Grimbold's camp, but your spirits fall when she betrays no sign of understanding.
'Your dreams are your own, <name>. I had nothing to do with these images you saw.'
Galadriel says, "This dream you describe is very troubling, <name>."
Galadriel says, "Much of it seems borne of worry for your friends, which is not unusual."
Galadriel says, "But you saw more than that."
Nona says, "Even you? How can that be?"
Galadriel says, "Yes, Nona. There are forces in this world greater than any of us, even Galadriel."
Galadriel says, "Their purpose is hidden to me, and I can see only glimpses."
Galadriel says, "And yet, even in the darkest of hours, hope can never truly be gone."
Gandalf says, "Hello, <name>."

Objective 5

Against all your hopes, Gandalf has returned!

Gandalf: 'We have both been through a great deal since last we met, <name>, and neither of us is the same person we then were. I do not have the time to tell you what befell me since we parted, but know this: the Quest remains. Your dream tells Galadriel more than she lets on, and it tells me more yet. Our friends face a grave danger along the Anduin. I hope it is not too late for them to avoid it.'
Gandalf's eyes seem to pierce you, and you shiver uncomfortably; there is something unfamiliar in the Wizard's bearing. He reminds you of Saruman.
  • Listen to Gandalf
Gandalf says, "Your dream may hold only a shred of truth, but even that could prove vital."
Gandalf says, "This is my guess, <name>."
Gandalf says, "I think you are needed along the banks of the Great River."
Gandalf says, "Only there can you learn the purpose behind your dream."
Gandalf says, "I am needed elsewhere! You will have to serve."

Objective 6

  • Talk once more to Gandalf

Gandalf is in Galadriel's garden, waiting to speak with you.

Gandalf: 'I am sorry, <name>. It is good to see you. There is just so much that needs to be done! The Eagles have proven able companions to me in these dark days. Gwaihir has agreed to bear me where next I need go, and his brother Landroval has been keeping his sharp eyes on the Anduin. Would that I could be everywhere!
'I fought against fire and shadow in the depths of Moria and on the peak, and when returned to this world I faced another foe from afar. These deeds have left me tired, and I will not speak of them now.
'We must speak again, <name>, if our deeds prove fruitful. If they do not, well...'
Gandalf trails away. Suddenly, with a blaze in his eye and a tone of mirthful anger, he continues.
'Perhaps they would have proven enough had we not stood around talking about them for so long, my sentimental <race>! We have our own tasks now... let us get to them!'

Objective 7

  • Talk to Galadriel

Galadriel is in her garden, waiting to speak with you.

Galadriel: 'I will send for Alfrohir to bring you down the river to Thinglad, <name>. Gandalf believes a great evil harries our absent friends. Perhaps your presence on the banks of the Anduin can prevent it from discovering or endangering them.'
Nona: 'I do not know what to think of this Galadriel, <name>. Her words are fair, but beneath the surface she wields strength to match even the fiercest warrior of my people. I am... surprised.
'Let us do as she says, and perhaps the answer to the riddle of your dream will be revealed along the Great River.'