Quest:Instance: Lothrandir of the Frozen Wastes

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Instance: Lothrandir of the Frozen Wastes
Level 65
Type Solo only
Starts with Lothrandir
Starts at Sûri-kylä
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [19.0N, 70.8W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 1
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The Ranger Lothrandir has knowledge of the southern lands through which the Grey Company must pass, but he will only take that road once he is certain the Lossoth of Forochel are free of danger..."


You have entered the massive cavern of Kolo-hampât with the Ranger Lothrandir in search of the 'screaming shadow' that has interfered with the Lossoth hunters.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Lothrandir
  • Explore the enormous cavern with Lothrandir

Lothrandir is in Kolo-hampât, seeking the 'screaming shadow' that has interfered with the Lossoth hunters.

Lothrandir: 'Look at this, <name>! I had no idea such an expansive cavern existed beneath the frozen tundra of Forochel.
'We must be on guard as we make our way through this cavern in search of that screaming shadow that has harried the Lossoth hunters. It has carried away much of their slain prey, and what few tracks I was able to find came to the entrance of this cave before being lost in the shifting snows of this land.
'Do not be dazzled by the reflections in the ice! We must remain alert to all threats while we search the cavern!'
Lothrandir says, "This way, <name>. Stay alert!"
Lothrandir says, "Look there! We have found the inhabitants of this cave, and they appear quite hungry!"
Lothrandir says, "I detect something else on the still air. More bears?"
Lothrandir says, "These are no bears! How many creatures stalk this cavern?"
Lothrandir says, "The ice hinders our visibility. What threats may it conceal?"
Lothrandir says, "Look out!"
Lothrandir says, "Careful, <name>. There is a fissure in the ice ahead."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Lothrandir

Lothrandir is in Kolo-hampât, waiting to speak with you.

Lothrandir: 'We need to cover more ground, <name>. If we search different areas of this cavern, we will have a better chance of finding what we seek.'
Lothrandir says, "Cross that fissure and continue the search, <name>. I will explore in this direction."

Objective 3

  • Find the screaming shadow within the massive cavern

Lothrandir has gone his own way to search the depths of Kolo-hampât, and now you must seek out the mysterious 'screaming shadow' yourself.

Lothrandir says, "Keep searching the depths of Kolo-hampât for the mysterious shadow that steals away the prey of the Lossoth hunters."
A young girl crouches by a ragged campsite. Can this be the screaming shadow?

Objective 4

You have found a mysterious girl crouched by a ragged campfire in the depths of Kolo-hampât.

Gun Ain: The girl stares at you fiercely, her eyes wild with anger and fear. She shivers in the cold, and her face is thin and drawn. There is a feral air about her, and she seems tense, poised to strike.

Objective 5

  • Learn the history of this mysterious girl

You have found a mysterious girl crouched by a ragged campfire in the depths of Kolo-hampât.

Gun Ain says, "You!"
Gun Ain says, "You again!"
Lothrandir says, "<name>, what have you found?"
Gun Ain says, "Stay back! My grievance is with <name>!"
Lothrandir says, "What? You know this woman? How?"
Gun Ain says, "Do you remember?"
Gun Ain says, "Because of you I was cast out of my home!"
Gun Ain says, "Because of you my name was taken from me!"
Gun Ain says, "Once I was Avair, but no longer! Now I am Gun Ain!"
Lothrandir says, "Gun Ain...without name."
Gun Ain says, "It is because of you that I wander! It is because of you that I must steal scraps or starve!"
Gun Ain says, "I will kill you!"

Objective 6

You have found a mysterious girl crouched by a ragged campfire in the depths of Kolo-hampât and must now defend yourself from her.

  • Defend yourself from Gun Ain
  • Lothrandir must not be defeated
Lothrandir says, "Hold, <name>! She is defeated!"
Gun Ain falls to the icy ground, exhausted and defeated
Gun Ain: 'I do not want your mercy! A pox on all <class> and Rangers!'

Objective 7

  • Talk to Lothrandir

Lothrandir has chosen to spare the life of Gun Ain and is waiting to speak to you.

Lothrandir: 'Stay your hand, <name>, and I will put away my weapon as well.
'Listen to me, Gun Ain! You served Angmar, this we know, and it has gone badly for you since you were cast from your clan. You cannot steal from the Lossoth as you have done; you must find a new home, or you will die here among the ice and the snow. None would mourn you, No-name, if you perished as you are.
'We will do you no more harm. Swear to me that you will leave the lands of the Lossoth and seek an honest living elsewhere. This mercy is yours today. Do not throw it away. If you continue to trouble the people of Forochel, you will find that my heart has exhausted its pity.'
  • Listen to Lothrandir make his decision
Lothrandir says, "Do you swear it, Gun Ain?"
Lothrandir says, "I will leave you this bag of food. It will last until you have begun to remake your life."
Gun Ain says, "Leave me!"
Lothrandir: 'Let us leave this place, <name>. Gun Ain will have to find somewhere to make an honest living, somewhere she will not hinder the Lossoth. She will find a more forgiving place to live, or she will die in this harsh place. Others who served Angmar would not have even that chance.'